And it begins..

I’ll have you know, its strange being back into a stick home.  The local residents laugh when I say I don’t know what to do with all this space. Three days of Indian summer greeted us this past weekend – beautiful, stunning weather. So I took some photos.  In the first picture, the end of the building you see on left is my 2 bedroom apartment.  It is packed to the rafters with boxes, some furniture and a whole lot of riffraff – its crazy.

Backside of Senior Village

I am a little overwhelmed with the task at hand.  But in talking with a variety of folks, it sounds like I won’t have any trouble selling my stuff. That’s kind of surprising to hear after learning the snow-birders are leaving in mass right now and will be gone by the end of October.  Never thought of this town being dead in the winter, so someone must be staying.  There’s talk of getting some Ballroom dancing started, they already have Square Dancing started – winter is fun around here. And I have heard they have an eclectic selection of live music that comes to town all thru the winter. Yippee!!!  I love live music.  Apparently, they just had a classical pianist in town. Missed that.  They also put on musicals, plays too.  So this little fishing village is active despite the snow-birders. I won’t lack for things to do – but I knew that. Its Alaska.

View of my rig from apartment

One of the things I learned I can do is post a notice around town to announce when I am having a series of mini-garage sales.  First off, I need to unpack, then make room for a spot in my apartment to start those sales, as they have to be indoor sales this time of the year.  But I need to sell furniture to make room for those boxes to be unpacked.  After a little overwhelming mind-stuck jag – for lack of a better description… I took a deep breath, and reminded myself – there is no better time to deal with it then now. And that is what I am doing.  Each day, another box gets unpacked, the contents sorted out and I have even managed to sell some stuff. Its happening!!!!  Yes!   I haven’t been here for 2 weeks yet and I have made great strides.


I will have to learn the names of the mountains and/or mountain ranges I see from my apartment. Big mountains with lots of hung glaciers on them.

One view out front of my apartment

The mountain seen from front of my apartment is Santa mountain overlooking the waters leading to Skagway. Its a side view of Santa…  The other mountain view not shown due to fog is of Mt. Ripinsky.

Haines Senior Village

This last photo is of the front of the Senior Village.  There are 14 apartments. One must be 55 or older to live here.  Awesome apartments! Spacious beyond anything I’ve seen outside of penthouses.   I laughed when I read the rules… 8 pages of rules mind you.  One of which is: ” Tenants may not wear pajamas, nightgowns, wrap-around robes, and other similar articles of bedroom clothing in the community rooms, lobbies, laundry areas, sitting areas, halls, or other common areas of the project. Proper attire shall be worn at all times in these areas”.  Well… they now need to add one more – may not be naked. Just laughed today….  Its been an interesting day, that’s for sure.  Most of the tenants are in their 50-60’s, just a few in their 80’s. Very interesting who actually lives here… its not what I had expected. But then, it didn’t matter who lived here, just delighted to have this place to sort thru all my stuff.

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