Hello from Port Edward

There was no place to park in Prince Rupert, so am at Port Edward. Hate being here.  This RV park has gone to hell in a hand basket and they have not figured out how to retrieve it from hell.  Gads, I’ve been here before, never seen it in such pathetic shape.  There is no other place to park in this area, to await the arrival of my ferry.  So I’m attempting to make the best of it, but its driving me crazy. Lousy connectivity as well.  The campground claims to have full service sites, but I don’t know where.  Electricity – less then 15 amps if that.  4 sites I had to move out of for lack of any electricity and one due to reverse polarity. Other sites, I didn’t try as you could see water dripping out of the sockets. Not good. It is so soaking wet here with rainwater, the puddles have moss growing in them. All sites are not level, for the first time in 3 years, I have had to use all my Lynx blocks to get semi-level.  As it is, I’ve turned off my fridge… its cold enough in my rig to keep things cold.  So what has it done since I’ve been here? Its rained. Last night it was also windy.  Today, it got up to 48º – a virtual heat wave.  I’m so not getting acclimated to the colder temperatures… I’m cold to my bones in this wet cold.

Piss and moan is not my nature… almost didn’t write this to my blog, but figured I should stress life on the road is not always like smelling roses…

Good things have come from this experience though. To keep warm – dressed in layers from my silk long johns to a forgotten coat in my storage bin – I now know I need to buy new clothes. Laughing here, as everything is too big!  Yippee!!!   To also keep busy…. I have pulled together, into packets or bags, the items that will be removed from my rig when I get to Haines.  I really couldn’t do most of that when I was traveling, but had mentally done it up until now. Now its done.  The high forecasted in Haines on the 9th is 30ºf – so I will be wanting to move quickly to get this task done.  Tho if snow happens as forecasted, I will at least get the crucial stuff out that first day. Think I may stay warm while I’m doing all transferring…

And my friends in Haines have, with the help of some movers, transferred all my stuff out of storage and into my apartment, as of yesterday.  Guess it is full to the rafters.  I knew this task of downsizing was overdue… it will keep me out of trouble for the next few months. But bring it on….!

On October 6th, I’m getting out of this RV park and moving to the steep grade of the ferry’s street parking.  Alot of my fellow ferry passenger with vehicles will start showing up that day as well.  Its almost like a tailgating party…  Hopefully, I will get some sleep, as we will board the ferry at o’dark thirty on the 7th – think around 3 am or so, but if not… will catch up on board the ship.

No further comments on this blog until I get to Haines now. Right now, need to finished the last of my smoked red salmon and my latest book “Denali Howl…” by Andy Hall.

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