Somewhere along Highway 16 BC

It was a wise decision to move north when I did… escaping 80+ temps to 60’s was a delight to behold.  The drive north was beautiful sunshine type of weather.  I stopped in Clinton on my way up to see if my old standby was still open.  The owners had sold the campground and plan to hit the road full time in their Class A.  I stayed there three times this year – 2 of which were freebies, including this last one. They handed over the keys to the place two days after I left them.  They were the only campground open the entire route from Washington State to Prince Rupert in the off season – I made good friends with them over the years.  Not sure what I will do in the future, if I do this route again. Great people!!!

As I headed on up and thru Prince George the days got cooler and nights got downright frosty. Love it!  The constant changes of Fall colors waxed and waned thru the hills and valleys. The traffic had slowed considerably from the summer hectic schedules. Now all I saw were British Columbians & Alaskan RVer’s heading south – in droves… and trucks hauling logs. Otherwise, it was just me and my two cats heading north.  Love Fall trips on the open road… its the fundamental part of me, I quickly succumb to nature, embrace it and find immense peace.  Not at all sure how to describe the affect on me, but I’ve always loved Fall. If I wasn’t driving, I’d be hiking the trails… Think crisp days, cold nights, changing colors, fallen leaves and a shared mug of hot chocolate over a camp fire… and Melinda is in her element.  Gosh I have missed this!!!  I’m a 4 season gal and this has been missing these last few years.  No more, I will seek it out from now on…

Per happenstance, the place I decided to park, to get acclimated, turns out to be a fly fisherman’s haven.  I did not know this until arrival.  I’m at Fort Telkwa, British Columbia and the fish are biting!!!   Its been 2 years since I stayed at this campground that hugs the shores of the Bulkley River.  They are the only campground open between Prince George and Prince Rupert right now, as all the others have closed for the season, such as Provincial parks all close September 15th in BC.  Its a great place to hang one’s hat. But I did not expect to find a campground full of fly fisherman – good grief!  But what a joy!  There are a ton of Italians, British Columbians, even a few from England who had plotted and planned there stay at this time at Fort Telkwa to fish. Most stay between 4-6 weeks here. I had no idea.  Tons of 10 lb weight (in metric tho) rods, lots of fly tying going on under spot lights in evenings, you can feel the excitement thru the whole campground.   I discovered I still know some italian, was able to translate a conversation for a couple.  It was quite rusty italian, but it worked. 
I am paying attention to the weather now, more then I had been.  Cold rains have moved in…  I’m not sure of my timing on leaving here.  Do I stay or do I get to Prince Rupert?  Prince Rupert would give me more even temperatures due to coastal weather.  Forecast for here has the temps dropping into the 40-50’s in the days with nights in the 30-40’s – with mixed frozen precipitation coming up this next week.  Oh the fickle weather of Fall…  I’m tempted to just hang until October 5th or 6th.  Time will tell tho…
My ferry ride from Prince Rupert is October 7th with my arrival in Haines on the 9th of October. The apartment became available September 15th and my friends Cheri & Joan have done the walk thru, have found and scheduled some guys to move my storage items into the apartment before I get there. I am duly impressed and very thankful for my friends help.  So when I get there, I need to transfer the cats, unload what I need to from the rig, go top off propane, then get my rig winterized.  I’m allowed to park my rig free behind the apartment for the winter.  Of course, the weather is colder there then here… let’s hope it holds off until I can get the rig parked and done.  Can’t do anything about it, it is what it is – will deal with it.  
Then the work begins… I have been scouring Craigslist for that region – to see what’s being sold, what they are asking for said items and dabbled a bit on Ebay for other stuff.  I might post images of some of the stuff here on my blog – if interested.  I’m up for the challenge to get it done… bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Thanks! The task at hand (downsizing) presents a quality challenge worthy of my time and energy. Not an easy task, but one worth getting done so I can move on in my new life. Enjoy the ABQ Balloon Fest!


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