Heading north, again

Forest next to my lot at Chimacum

A brief post. I’m heading north today.  Cats are friends once again, so time to move on. The weather is so fickle in the north country at this time of the year – it can be warm or cold.  Having sat thru 80+º here in Oroville and hearing that its in the 40’s in Haines, I decided to move north to get acclimated.

It will take me a few days to get to my hibernation/acclimation spot, which is not far from Smithers, BC.  Hopefully, I can stay there until I move on into Prince Rupert.  Right now, temps are hanging in the 60’s there, but is projected to drop into the 40’s this next week.  They have already had a hard freeze in that area.  Fickle is the name of the game and a good spot to park it.

More later.

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