Darn cats!


The above picture was taken on a nippy morning at Wenatchee. Tucker had backed himself into the blankets.  All sweet and innocent…

Then along comes Oroville.  Had only plans to do laundry and get some groceries then move on north in a day.  Well… I’m still here.  The second night an old tomcat came visiting. Jumping up on the hood of my rig and announcing to the world he was not happy with the visitors – us!   That old tomcat and Tucker went at it thru the windshield. Delighted the glass did not break, but what a fight!!! And it went on and on and on thru the night..   No sleep for this person, so canceled leaving that next day.  Had to do another load of laundry – as the cat fight, markings, vomiting – happened on my jackets and vest which I hang on my passenger seat. Oh hum….  Ok, all seemed to calm down… the next day into the evening.  Got everything cleaned up.  All seems to be fine.
Off to bed, read a little bit, turned off the light and thump… damn. That tomcat is back. Tucker is once again at the window hissing and slamming into the windshield to get that tomcat.  I reached out of my bedside window and threw a little broom at the cat – dead on, it was knocked off.  Tucker is pacing at the window, almost meowing but quietly as he paces.  Adrenalin rush is quieting… turn over to try to get back to the task at hand, called sleep. And thump. The damn tomcat is back and he and Tucker are once again going at it.  I could not think what else I could throw and banging on the wall or on anything else did not deter the cat.  So I threw open the curtains across my cab and that startled the tomcat enough to run off.   I sat there for awhile… Tucker jumped down and went back up to the bed over the cab.  Well, there’s no way I’m going to stand guard all night…. so I go back to bed. Did not get horizontal before the damn tomcat was back.  At that point, I was thoroughly pissed.
Threw the cab curtains open once again. Same result as before. This time I left them open.  What I did not anticipate was Norm to get curious.  Well, Tucker was thoroughly fed up dealing with the tomcat, and when Norm decided to get curious – he was attacked. Oh good grief.  Visions of the nights in Georgia (last Jan/Feb) – bobcat, fighting cats… and I knew I was in trouble.
I moved the next morning… just trying to get from point A to B was so distracting with all the hissing and fighting going on there’s no way I can head out, little lone do a day’s worth of driving.  So I’ve moved to the grocery store’s RV park – bare bones dirt, got electricity but its right on the highway. Noisy and at this point, I don’t care.   Well… I got my first decent night of sleep since I left Wenatchee. But… my two are still going at it.  I had a surprise tho… Tucker approached me early before I got up… he was so close, so reverent and then curled up in my arms. Wow!  Later he tried to make peace with Norm… not good, Norm won’t have anything to do with him.  And so it continues…
When they get on speaking terms, I will be heading into Canada.  This usually takes about a week – from initial fight to peace. Today I see some positive changes, tho its not quite there yet. I’ve got time. 

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