Two worlds

Chilkoot River

I had mentioned to Jimbo that I was clueless on what I was going to do this winter or even where I would go.  I knew I did not want to travel as extensively as I did this past year. I want to park it – so I could spend quality time weaving, spinning and possibly do some dyeing.   I had no desire to return to the Balloon Fest for the 3rd year in a row, and I didn’t think I would stay at Quartzside as long as I the last time. Might do Morro Bay, if I can swing it. Otherwise… no plans other then seeing Vince October 6th at the factory. I had visions of finding some BLM land and hibernating.  Sounded wonderfully low key.

Three days after returning to the lower 48, I was notified that the apartment in Haines was available. It is a place I have wanted for years… having traveled there at least once a year for 20+ years.  To hear that my name finally made it to the top of the wait list was exciting to say the least.  But… why is there always a BUT?

Easy – my two worlds have brought me to my knees.  Never in my wildest imaginations did I think I would love being a full timer – the freedom, the people, etc.  But here is my chance to live in Haines… so what is this girl going to do?  Well… after much, much thinking, I’ve activated my future plans early.

Little rock garden found at SKP park

On arrival to Chimacum, I put myself on their wait list to buy a lot in Evergreen Coho SKP. Lo and behold, I was stunned to find out they had quite a few lots available now. I mean NOW – holy cow!  Normally, their wait list takes folks 6-8 years to get into this place and I ask why the sudden exodus.  Found out those reasons plus a whole lot more.  I’m really jazzed by the powerful surge of positive feedback, even the little negative I heard had a promising future.  So I’ve made the leap and have bought a lot here. I move tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Ok that step is taken care of. Unexpected, but quite happy with that decision.  Now to the next step. I’m heading back to Alaska at the first of October. Uh?  What? Are you crazy?  I can hear my friends now.  They already think I’m nuts driving to Alaska every year, but twice a year!!!  Well, its quite simple. I have decided to spend the winter downsizing, seriously downsizing. My storage is in Haines so I just need to face this task and get it done.  Anyone want to come and help????  Laughing here.

In the meantime, will continue learning about Evergreen Coho, then onto a long overdue 30,000 mile check done on my rig (I’m about 7,000 miles overdue), then on to the Northwest Lazy Daze GTG in September.  I am really looking forward to this gathering.  And my journey continues…

7 thoughts on “Two worlds

  1. Sara! Are you coming up for air from working all summer? Delighted to hear from you. I suspect I will bump into you sometime over the winter, after you work at Fernley. And yes, I'm happy things are still positive with me. The twists and turns of this life though are hard to keep up with at times. Here's hoping your Mom is still doing good and you enjoy your journey too. I'm not giving up full timing, will be back out of AK sooner than later.


  2. I have wondered about the exodus at Evergreen Coho, also, but have been so busy camphosting all summer that I haven't had time to research it. Who did you talk to about the situation? Would you be willing to share your information & thoughts? I can be reached at scoleman46″at” Thanks. Susan (might be your neighbor someday!)


  3. Susan am more than happy to share all info on Evergreen Coho – I had the advantage of not knowing who was who – so I asked everybody I saw about what was going on… the more I learned, the more jazzed I got. And going to the leaseholders board meeting this last Monday was very informative too. I will go into details when I get a chance to write to you privately – later today hopefully. And the available lots are dwindling rapidly…down to 10 on Monday.


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