Haines, continued


Here I was thinking all those Class A’s were blocking my wi-fi and could not download the photos for the last blog post.  Most likely mis-directed.  Follow along here… a little 5.9 earthquake – the whole area loses wifi-internet, what-have-you when the earthquake snapped the fiber optic cable at the bottom of the ocean.  This is not a big earthquake by any stretch of one’s imagination.  It was a rock and rolling time, that’s for sure… but no damage except to the cable.  Perhaps an excuse by the communication people!?!  Why do I think that?  None of the Class A’s have moved and I have great wi-fi and fast internet this morning.


Near Chilkoot River

Along side the road, to and from the Chilkoot River, a guy named Axel has maintained these odd rock art, for lack of a better name, outside of his home.  They topple each winter (snow plows take them out), come Spring, he puts them back together.  Do they signify any particular thing or purpose? I don’t know, but he’s been doing it for years. The rocks are balanced on whatever they are on. No props, no supports.

Rock statues

Rock art and twig person

More rock art

These were in a different location

With a little help from my friend Cheri – finished threading my loom.  Delighted to have that done with these “friendly” threads.  Friendly, as they constantly stuck to each other.  She got them apart and in order, I threaded the heddles and the task went smoothly and fast. Thanks Cheri!

Tonight… got one last chance to partake in a crab feast. Bring on the crab… yum!

Ok, folks… will be hitting the road this next week, about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  No blog post until I get to Washington. And no wi-fi or internet.  I turn everything off so I’m not charged international rates.  It normally takes me 8 days to drive out, but I’m traveling with two other rigs this time.  Not yet knowing how they travel, it may be longer or shorter then 8 days.  We got time, so plan to enjoy the trip out.

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