On a mental note of hitting the road once again, all those last minute things that should have been done, are now in motion. One of the big ones this time for me, was to take a critical look at what I have not used, may have thought I would use, but have not in 2 years. All is now out of my rig.  One of which was my non-electric Nissan slow cooker. What a surprise to open it up and find… liquified peaches… pits included. Gads,  I don’t even have a memory of getting peaches or of having opened the Nissan pot since I got the thing.  Pot got super cleaned… Only fleeting odors crossed my nose this whole time, and when I did smell something – I thought the cats had done something.  Sorry Tucker & Norm for getting the blame. So yes, the pot holds things very well… whether heat or chill or smells…

Chilkoot Lake and Chilkoot River are favorite places to visit.  If the salmon are jumping up river – the bears are soon to follow.  This year, they are late, that is the bears.  No earthly idea why, as the salmon have been running pretty good this year. But just in the last few days… sightings of bears have increased greatly.

The other night, Cheri & I went out to watch the bears.  Saw one grizzly – a blond one – across the Chilkoot River from us. He/she looked squarely at us and I wondered if they could hear me telling Cheri to stop.  No picture, the bear gave us one more glance and re-entered the tall grasses. The river is quite high, so am not surprised now, that the bears haven’t been seen much. They don’t want to expend the energy to swim when they rather be fishing and filling there bellies with quality protein.  But this will soon change.

Chilkoot River meets the Chilkoot Lake

Smokey- hazy evening on Chilkoot Lake

Wild Celery

For years, I have watched the natives pick wild celery to eat.  This plant can easily grow to over 8 feet tall in our long summer days.  But its not a plant to tangle with unless you know how.  The stalks and leaves have short nettle like… not quite thorns… but they work themselves right into your skin and fester. Just a nuisance.  But the natives peel these off and enjoy the inside of the stalk. Yes, it tastes just like celery!

Fly fisherman
Story of the sow with triplets – I’ve known her thru 2 sets
Evening on the Chilkoot River

As we drove along the river, so very slowly hoping to see another bear or two, we just enjoyed the peace of it all.  I love to watch fly fishermen… the ones that do it right are awesome to watch and its a talent that I wish I had.  I can’t get the correct wrist action behind it. So am content to just watch on the sidelines.  This river is a fly fisherman haven…

Close-up of weir

Bears L-O-V-E to fish at the weir. Its easy, easy pickings!  The guy that counts the fish daily, doesn’t like to be disturbed by the bears (or by curious 2 legged kind either).  He has to be constantly alert for bears…  loud shots over the bears keeps most of them at bay. For the ones that don’t heed that, the counter guy runs!!!  The stories the weir can produce would fill several books!

Unique display along side road

Can’t upload anymore photos… will tell more on this last picture later. And will post more too, later. When I can get a decent signal. Right now, I’m blocked by big Class A’s.

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