Beautiful day…

Today was an incredibly beautiful day – WOW!  Managed to get sunburn too.  Just a great day!  The following 4 pictures were taken from one who lives up on Skyline Drive…  had no idea they were right above the Lynn Canal and can see the ships heading to Juneau
Looking down to water, that looks like its right there… its not, its 400 ft down a cliff
A perch in the tree?

Funny thing to spot in the trees… a big perch or a giant T and how did they get it up there was a bigger mystery.  First off, when it was attached to the tree, it had a salmon on it to draw in a eagle. Well.. the eagle stayed away, but the ravens took it away in short order. Nothing since has perched on this. Laughing here.  They got it up there with a lift of some sort.

Another view, Skagway is off to left and up a bit
Looking down Lynn Canal toward Juneau

My e-spinner

Some fiber that I’m spinning

Stairway to nowhere?

Cruise ship heading to Juneau. It looks fuzzy due to reflection off of water. Zooming  made it look worse

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