Northward or bust

Time flies when on the road…  but from my last post… my navigator (Lois) did not find anything of interest just after Prince George… thinking that Provincial parks were day use only.  But I did not realize that until much later. And I learned Lois had never been west of Prince George or up the Cassiar Hwy – wish I had been driving north – would have loved to show her.  So we stopped just before Prince George as the best stop for that day. Got in there a Noon… at Bee Lazee RV park… quaint little park… lots of trees and thousands of caterpillars.

Each year in the north country, we get invaded by one species. This place had caterpillars.  They had already stripped the trees and bushes at the back of the park of all green matter, they were working thru the rest of the park.  It seems the foil wrapped around the trees helped, but not sure its helpful to trap the ones above from getting down and out of a tree either.  But they were everywhere…. you couldn’t help but kill many as you walked around the rig.


More catapillars

And more…

They were in the electrical outlet, on it, around it and replaced often when some would fall

So onward we went.  The forecast continued to say we would encounter thunderstorms, but all we found was plenty of sun with pockets of windy areas.  Made for a great travel days.

Lois was no better of reminding me to stop and take photos then I remembered to do the same. Lots to see, beautiful country to travel thru, and we saw Mom moose and 2 wee babies, another moose – lots of birds, geese, swans as well.

Tide going out on Skeena River in the Coastal mountains

We arrived at Port Edward, about 15 minutes from Prince Rupert ferry terminal.  We stayed at Kinnickinick RV park. Hilly, tight and short camping spaces. Very few, if any, Class A’s could park there.  But did see a few 5th wheels having issue with tight steep turns.  All and all – I would come again, far superior to the RV park in Prince Rupert… just my two cents worth.

My view on 3 sides of RV in our camp spot

Arrived at ferry terminal area… only to discovered they changed their efficient mode of getting tickets, checking thru customs and loaded on board the ship – due to their heavy summer traffic. Frustration is a better description.  The gates were not even open an hour before people are required to check in… in the off season, you go in, get your tickets, go back to rig, they measure and tell you what line to get in and off you go to customs.  That’s not how they do it in the summer… oh and don’t forget at the Alaska Ferry terminal you are ON Alaskan time, not BC time….  lots of redundancy.

Watching Matanuska ferry arriving

View onboard

Only rain squalls, basically was sunny

This is the Fairweather in dock at Auke Bay


Rainbow…toward Auke Bay

Had to go around these islands to get into & out of Juneau

We arrived in Haines at 1:30 am… light enough to see surroundings, yet dark enough to get some zzzzz’s. We parked at a pullout closer to Haines, and the following picture was taken before 7-ish looking at Haines downtown and Fort Seward.


The day was sunny, and delightfully not hot.  Connected with my friend Joan who had my keys to my mail, storage unit, etc, and discovered my other friend Cheri, has left me their van for my use while they are gone. So a very pleasant surprise!  Met Joan at my all time favorite Mountain Market. I have so missed my Caramel mochas, shopping for organic goodies… etc.  And Joan showed Lois & I her house. Its coming along fabulously – they are actually moving in now.  Still got some finishing work to do, one or two cabinets to install… but its coming together fabulously. Love some of their details they added.  Got back to the park, dumped my tanks, refreshed my water tank, met my neighbors and a wild character from Texas, who is the Camp Host.  He’s doing the job I did last year. Laughing here… with glee that I’m not doing it this year here at OceanView RV Park.  This fella, named Buffalo, is a big burly fella with beard and wears a large rounded top hat of all things.  It was such a delight to meet him. So far, he’s lucky – its been quiet for them. In fact, its been so quiet for them, he was in a town skit a week or so ago.  The locals thought he was a “plant” for the hypnosis skit, never expecting him to be a seasonal worker in town for the summer.  He was stunned that I had heard about his magnificent performance… yes folks, we all missed a superb performance with this guy.  He will add a nice flavor to this place…

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