Hello from Canada!

Near Clinton, Canada

My pursuit to head north is again in active mode.  My friend Lois was dropped off to me in west Spokane, got her stuff loaded into the rig and off we went.  Took a different path to Hwy 97 in Washington State by taking Rt 2 to Hwy 174 to Hwy 155 in Grand Coulee, onto Hwy 97 in Omak.  Great trip!  It took half the time I had expected to take.  In Oroville, we stopped to eat at a local restaurant and my oh my we had some outstanding pizza… homemade pizza dough, homemade sauces, even homemade chocolate candies… and a ton of signs to laugh and laugh and laugh.  Quite a fun place to eat or try to eat.  I was tempted to have a full blown dinner, but it was just too hot to eat that much, but we sure picked a good place to get a bite to eat.  

Crossing the border was a no brainer, except the conversation on my Christmas cactus.  Since before becoming a full-timer, I had done my research, talked to both Canadian and American agents at the border in relation to that one little old plant. Because it was not a “cactus” it was allowed, until today.  Now I managed to keep it, but with a stern warning. Its the dirt that concerns Canadian agents.  A potential contaminate.  So… now what?   I will figure it out… but not sure at the moment.  Otherwise, absolute no fresh fruits or veggies allowed across the border. Frozen fruits yes.  Basically the same oh same on what is or isn’t allowed.
I took a new alternate path, that I will not follow in the wintery months, I took Hwy 97 to Hwy 97C to Hwy 5 via Merritt up to just west of Kamloops and back onto Hwy 97.  Spent most of the day driving 40 mph going up and down many grades, but what a beautiful stretch of road.  Hwy 5 on the north end was familiar to me as I have done it before, just going a different direction.  Pretty country.
Onward… depending on weather (thunderstorms are forecasted) may or may not make it to Prince George. But if we do, then will head west.  Doubtful I will have access after today, unless I tie into Lois’ hotspot.  I have nothing critical – all can wait until I get up to Haines.  So another brief update for you, as I know many of you are curious on what happened to me.

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