A brief update

I left my mountain haven in the fog, drove in the fog to Libby, Montana. Oh so very much wish pictures could have been taken. It was just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous drive.  The Flathead River was out of its banks – rushing, swirling all the way down to what appeared to be a cauldron of sorts, almost shaped like a giant apple, where it severely narrowed as it plummeted over or thru what?  I don’t know, as I was driving and there was no turn out to stop and see…  let your imagination take you on thru that one. Rugged country.  Waterfalls abound… heavy melt down in short order has brought an overflow over and thru everything up there. Green as all get out… but it was foggy the day I left.

As soon as I got near Libby it had warmed up enough, that I decided to push thru to Spokane the next day.  I am now parked at Fairchild AFB off of Rt. 2, until I leave to head north.

4 thoughts on “A brief update

  1. Yes, I can see why you might love Libby. Would love to go back and explore more… lots of neat places to check out, lots of trails too. Some of the greatest places to tent camp – almost made me want to return to tent camping. Not. 😉


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