Mountain haven

I found my place to stop for awhile… Its between milepost 190-191 on highway 2 in Montana.  I hopped out of my rig in a t-shirt – basking in the sunlight and immensely enjoying the crisp mountain air. It was 46ºF when I arrived yesterday.  Today, it has snowed off and on…   all this glorious cool weather brings zero cell and limited internet.  No complaints here.

Its a great place to be for a week or so…  the Glacier Park road thru the National Park, is still closed, so no tours thru there this trip.  No wildlife seen either, but I’ve got plenty to do to keep me occupied. Especially liked sleeping under the warm covers this morning… no up-and-at-it, it was sheer lazy morning over a cup of hot tea. Aaahh! The simple joys are such a pleasure.

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