Heading west

Empty, except for me

Forecast had storms moving in this coming week, no matter where I was and that included temperatures heating up as well… so summer has finally arrived.  No thank you.

I left Illinois at first light of the day…  driving thru the farmlands just as the sun pops up over the horizon was gorgeous.  Can’t help but inhale the sweet country smells.  Made the drive especially nice.  Once I crossed over the Wisconsin state line, I hopped on I-90 and hightailed it down the road. Since I left so early in the morning, I arrived at my planned stop for the day at 10:30 am.  Well, I broke my rule of thumb and kept going.  As the day progressed, the winds were playing havoc with driving… so stopped in Welcome, Minnesota for the night. Lots of turkey farms around here. Crops are just now being planted. Spring has sprung up here.  It was a long day, but it was wonderful to get on the road and just go… no planned destination..

The next day, I again picked an arbitrary spot on the map to aim for and I left at day break. Again I arrived far earlier in the day, but this time I stopped…  my body needs a break.  When I discovered I am the only one in camp, I decided to stay an extra day.  So got winter bedding washed and put away, clothes washed, dumped tanks, refilled fresh water tank… and the kitties had lots of Cat TV to entertain themselves.

I’m in the wonderful hills of western South Dakota.  Tomorrow, I am getting off of the interstate and am heading north to Rt 2 in North Dakota.  I had originally dissed this when I learned the oil boom was along this route, but I have figured out how to just keep moving on thru without stopping.  Besides, I welcome the slower pace of the back roads.  Am so looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Heading west

  1. Hi Melinda,
    Thanks for keeping me posted. It sounds like you really had a memorable time in the lower 48 this time. I enjoyed reading about all your visits with friends and family. I hope you keep writing about your trip back to Alaska. Some day I want to make that trip myself, so far I've always taken planes. There is a large primitive campground at the arctic circle that I want to visit again, and maybe venture beyond into the Brooks Range. Have no idea, if that is even possible other than on foot. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your return next spring. If there is no spot to be had at the Escapee park in Chimacum, I have a large yard.


  2. Hey Ilse, I'm returning in either late summer or early Fall, not Spring… 😉 Thanks for the offer too to stay at your place, some day may take you up on it it. I will continue posting to my blog.. no fear of losing that. We can talk about Alaska when I see you.


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