MacKenzie-Childs home

Our trip yesterday to return to MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, New York is a stark difference then the first go-a-round.  First time, posted on a previous post – was cold, windy and rainy, but all the colors within made it so worth-while being there. The transformation is exciting, but I will miss the coming out, if you will, of everything being in full bloom.  But isn’t this pretty?  The home above is where the tour took place the last time we were here – crammed full of eye candy… no photos taken on the inside.

Tulips under netting 
Willow trees, a recirculating pond
Bright colored cushions on wicker swing 
Patio furniture with cushions added 
Official greeters
Simon apparently is not here 
Domestic geese, building is one end of Bird House
Sis-in-laws, out buildings, lake in background
Various outbuildings

Bird House…literally

Must comment on this Bird House… birds of all kinds flew in and out of this building, not just the geese meandered in and out.  The whole house is devoted to the birds. On the end, on left above, is a screened in area. You can see perches, bird feeders… but that is about all one can see, as signs posted are “Staff Only”.  This farm also has cattle, sheep – the latter of which I did not see,  Expansive, but lovely farm.

Peacock cage with brilliant turquoise bird

Large willows, one of many barns/studios for pottery

View thru trees next to pond toward house

Pretty creek thru the tulips

Apparently, they have “Simon” a female goose as the official greeter.  Quite the story about this goose, but we were not so lucky to be greeted this time.  It was a delight to return to this place.

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