Where’s summer?

Its May, right?  So where is summer?  Oh I have been told this area of upstate New York is easily a month behind this year…  It has been like this all these months as I pushed northward up the east coast – it was still winter on arrival and not quite spring when I leave.  And I wanted to go to Nova Scotia this spring… well, this is not the year for that.  There highs are only in the 30’s. Farmers Almanac has forecasted a colder and wetter for all this region thru July. Yes, its been cold and wet here, but doable. Yesterday, the amazing sun showed itself, but the north wind made the 52ºF feel colder then it was out of the wind.  I will probably miss this delightfully cool weather…one of these days..

Anita and I went for a walk a couple of days ago around the town… took some photos…

Unknown flowering tree

Giant dead tree, perhaps a Cottonwood tree

Big old houses with a carriage house behind

Small waterfall on a creek

Original streets were brick, then covered in asphalt

Jackson was waving at us, so we stopped and had him join us

Waterway thru town

One old brick home

Its in pretty good condition, except one can see some rotting wood at top window in front

United Methodist Church

Someone planted some color to their front lawn

A closer view

Tulip tree

closer view of tulip tree

Today is another day of sunshine, but again a northerly wind is blowing… but today, is laundry, chores, cleaning day… as rest of the week is booked. So need to get it done, instead of writing to my blog.  So back to work…

4 thoughts on “Where’s summer?

  1. Looks like your having a wonderful time and sounds like it too. We haven't had a spring in Kansas and last couple days have been in the 90's so hope that doesn't mean right into summer. We need rain very much farmers crops are hurting bad. When you heading to Alaska??? Take care..


  2. I think you bypassed spring… leaped from winter to summer. Yes, I've had an awesome time here. Been super busy too. Besides seeing everyone, I've been plowing thru tons of photos, etc. I head back up to AK in June.


  3. Its a beautiful area… I'm going to come back and stay the summer, tour New England in earnest and go to Nova Scotia, like I wanted to this year. Lots to see and do… or just soak up the beauty…


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