Busy playing

Time sure flies when one is having fun!  It hasn’t all been play, but I’d say even the work has been fascinating.  Its been fantastic seeing everyone, catching up with the latest news. One of the nephews owns a pizza joint in town – its the best pizza I’ve had since Oklahoma City.  Hope to snatch another before I leave town. Home cooked meals have been awesome too.  I now wish I could stay the whole summer… well, that will have to be another time.

Easter bunny loose in PA

My two sis-in-laws have been working steady on their Mother’s house   My favorite ex-Mother-in-law, Ginny, was a collector of fascinating goodies… considering she had never moved and had lived in the same house for over 60 years – it was only natural that things found in the home, in some unlikely places, even in likely places would keep gathering…  I was impressed with how much they had done… A sale is coming up in May of the contents, even the house will be up for sale.  Lots of wonderful memories in this house.

Salt & Pepper shakers

I helped Ginny acquire some of these salt and pepper shakers in our travels. Not one set is the same. And the picture above only shows a small fraction of them.  Most of the heirlooms have been passed out to the families here, but there’s more then enough to fill the house for the pending sale.  Some of the unique finds in the house – all in their original boxes – glass breast pump, hair clippers, Rockwell plates, board games, and lots of lace doilies. There are hundreds upon hundreds of books – some real classics!!! Many quite old, all well read over and over.

PLANS GONE HAYWIRE, but not quite

As many knew, this winter was for me to see friends and family. I did accomplish that – exceeded all expectations on how much fun that would be. The other planned event was to head up to Nova Scotia this Spring. Not necessarily the best choice now… but who knew they would be hit with one of the worst winters on record. I’m thinking a Fall trip would be better to head up there, so will plan to come back.

I originally had no plans to return to Alaska this summer. It would have been my first summer out in over 20 years. Alas… the pending sale of my home put me in a wishy-washy state of mind. You see last summer, between working the Camp Host job, I worked non-stop on my storage trying to find all that I needed to satisfy the court. I did not complete the task then, but it will all be due when we close on the house. So… I decided yesterday to just go, get the work down, deliver it and it won’t matter when the house sells.  

So I am scrambling to get all the pieces in place.  The big one was to get reservations, as the quickest way up is via the Alaska Marine Highway from Prince Rupert, BC. Next big one, is to get a health certificate for my cats that is less than 30 days old when I board that ferry. Rabies is the main thing that needs to be done.  Its rather controversy on whether one Health Certificate is really needed to cross the border.  Going up, I am always told to have it – no one has ever requested to see it. Coming down… no need, just have a current rabies.  So I “think” if I stop to see one of my friends in Indiana, as I head westward, I could get this and be safe.  Time will tell.

When I leave here, I will enjoy the road once again. After Minnesota – no known friends or family. Regroup in Washington before I head north.  Some 3000 plus miles will be covered soon. Looking forward to it, but I’m not leaving yet.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Busy playing

  1. Melinda,
    I saw your post on the Lazy Daze forum. Nothing to add, except would you let me know when you get into Washington. I'd love to meet you in person on your way through. I am in Sequim way out of your way, but I wouldn't mind taking a trip to Sedro Wooley or Bellingham or somewhere in between. I'm assuming it's not before the end of May? I'm flying to Germany next weekend for three weeks.


  2. Wow, what a shift in plans. Do mean to say you are taking the LD back to Alaska? Couldn't you store it, and fly back to take care of things? Just a thought. Sounds like you had a fun and rewarding family tour. I did the same my first six months on the road.


  3. Yes it sure is a shift in plans… but yes, I am taking the LD up – need a place to stay, plus got my cats and its my wheels to get around – so yes, I'm taking it. I will drive out in the Fall. I need to finish what I started last summer. I ran out of summer last year. Finally getting a bid on the house was the motivation behind this and with winter still lingering in the NE. No better time.


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