Changing opportunities

Bird lodge and feeder

Well the little job to help a RV park to open was canceled after a couple of days – really not surprising. When they called and said “we really don’t need any help but you are welcome to come and park” to which I said thank you, but no I will move on along. The job they originally had me do was just picking up branches, winter debris. It wasn’t much in the first place. But appreciate their honesty.

The same day that came in is the same day I heard we got a bid on my house in Alaska, and we accepted the bid.  And its the same day, I found a place to stay in upstate NY that was open. And it was the same day I got an invite to park in Tom & Anita’s driveway.  What a rip roaring day of excitement, almost beside myself in joy.  Around this time, but not the same day… was a discovery of another weaver out on the road full timing.  I feel like I’m riding high…

So riding that wave of positive changing opportunities… I pulled up stakes on Easter morning and headed north… the roads in Pennsylvania are not as bad as I-10 or I-264, but damn close. The bridges tho were the worst condition I have found anywhere. Huge potholes in the cement surface – no way to escape. A jarring experience at best. But I continued onward… I arrived 4 1/2 hours later in Moravia, a small town in the Fingerlakes Region of upstate New York.  Drove slowly thru town, marveling at the few changes since I was last in town.  Turned some corners and pulled up and backed into Tom and Anita’s driveway, got hooked up to electric and went about getting settled. Not long before the family showed up.. Tom & Anita’s sons (3), their wives, and their kids.  What a blast seeing everyone, great food and so very good seeing everyone.

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They are laying down

Cob web in window of barn


Old tractor

Suzy watching me


Small cow barn
How many bird feeders are there?

Mini hummingbird feeder chair

Bird lodge, feeder

More bird feeders

4 thoughts on “Changing opportunities

  1. Congratulations on the house sale. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. Enjoy your time in one of the prettiest areas of NY. I'm originally from NY and have relatives all over, including that area.


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