My previous experience in using a camera, was taking creative/close-in shots of my art work. Never did much on distant or nature type shots.  Today, I took a zillion, give or take by one, photos of a variety of things today.  Now can some one tell me how to put a picture frame around each picture?

One of many bird houses 

Trumpet shape flowers


My rig surrounds by woods, dunes, bird feeders
Looking north from road in front of my rig

Looking south from road in front of my rig

More bird houses. Love the texture of the trees!

The texture on these trees drew me in initially… then I realized I was looking at bird houses as well. Funny how one’s eyes miss something so blatantly obvious later.  The tree bark texture came to mind of textile “elements” on a weaving design workshop I took.  

Not bad considering I was not close to it.

The start of this boardwalk really is not different than other boardwalks I have walked across here in Virginia.  I was expecting to be high above the dunes, but this one is pretty even keel.

Fences, remind of snow fences

You see these signs all over, but people still ignore, therefore damage the fragile nature of sand dunes

Atlantic ocean

Looking south

I found it interesting that the fences held up this large mass of sand, not unlike snow fences do on snow. That smooth lengthy area shows the top of the sand fence on its left. The beach is to the left of the fencing. Its easily a 3-4 foot drop to the beach. I doubt Mother Nature had a hand in this, the edges are pretty darn straight for miles in both directions.

Looking north, same affect on the sand fence too

No shells found today. Walking on the beach is a good workout for one’s legs and feet. Well, that it for today…

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