Virginia Beach, pt 1

Spring flowers

Spring flowers made my day on Saturday at my cousins home. Tom cut a bunch of them and placed on the table for Janet when she got home. Sweet gesture and the rest of us got to enjoy as well. The rest of us was Janet’s Dad, Rocko, and I.

Saturday was the best day to spend time with my cousin, Tom, as he was off work. Janet joined us later in the day.  So first he got a mini-tour of my rig… answered all the questions, showed him a bit of my handwoven items as well.  Then off to lunch at a Mexican restaurant that was outstanding. Spent lots of time talking, catching up with news of our mutual cousins, siblings, etc. Then off to pickup up Janet and her Father to go sightseeing. We first went back to First Landing State Park, and this time I actually got to see the beach.  It was such a beautiful day, nice 70ºF weather, folks were out at the beach. One guy in a dry suit, was para-sailing across the bay. Kites flying and I laughed at the people in lawn chairs on the beach wrapped up in blankets. Just the funniest thing to see compared to the rest of the folks out on the beach.

Looking due northwest – Chesapeake Bay

Looking due north toward the Atlantic ocean

Then we left there, and went into the visitor center – a nice descriptive displays of the history of this area of First Landing. Showed a miniature of a native village of that era of early `1600’s. Its so different from what I’m more familiar with up north. Sorry, no pictures were allowed. It was all very interesting. 

Then off to Virginia Beach accesses to the Atlantic ocean. It was much quieter, far fewer people out on the beach then I expected and very little wind too.  Nice, nice day.
Tom & Janet made one mistake for the entire day… they introduced me to Whole Foods grocery store. Did they really think I could just walk in without buying???  It was my first time in a Whole Foods store and I now see why many refer to it fondly as the paycheck store. Expensive!  Its similar to a Trader Joe’s store, but it leans more to the organic side of things than Trader Joe’s. I especially love the fruits and veggie section of the store – highly colorful, fresh and inviting to reach for the product.  And the bins of nuts, grains, pasta, etc. – ah yes, I good place to find what you need.
Janet & Tom
This picture of my cousin is off of the Atlantic ocean, up on a walkway over the dunes. Special folks, even tho I’m a bit partial to that opinion. Laughing here.  We eventually went back to their house, and they fixed an awesome feast of Shrimp Scampi – it was the best I’ve had in eons. Thanks Janet!
They were busy with church activities and off to see Tony Bennett musical on Sunday, so I made myself available to long time family friend, Becky and her husband Steve. First time meeting Steve after all these years… it was awesome to see Becky. We tried to remember when we were last in the same place at the same time. Think it was in the early 80’s, at her parents home. Its her older sisters that I’ve had more interaction with over the years… so it was grand to meet up with Becky.  
Weather turned nasty before they picked me up – so we went out to dinner vs go to their house for the evening. Probably best – so we could visit more.  The place, the Rockefeller’s, is a restaurant on one of many marinas in Virginia Beach. Interesting menu – it had a newspaper-like menu. Great food too. And great view even tho it was quite blustery and pouring down rain.
View outside restaurant

Can you imagine living in one the homes on this marina? The one’s seen here have water on two sides of them. Lucky dogs! Ere… lucky people. It would be fun, but I’d make a mountain my first choice.

Steve and Becky

It was a great, great time with Steve & Becky… loved catching up, hearing about their kids, what they do for a living… even loved the shawl that Becky was wearing – it made her green eyes dance. Just a nice evening. Thanks Steve and Becky for dinner too. Hopefully, I will get another chance to meet up with them before I leave the area.

So today, this Saint Patrick’s day. I chose to wear green, not that I expected to see anybody… the cold rains stopped sometime this morning… winds have died down, but an occasional gust will rock the rig and it FINALLY! warmed up to 37ºF.  
So today, as I stayed warm, I decided to write to my blog, study some new links on learning my camera better, text messaged my fellow Lazy Daze friends, Carol & Linda, that are in Florida touring. They were moving north, yet looped around and went south again. And another Lazy Daze friends from the west, are also in Florida as we speak. I wonder if they will ever catch up with me? They both claim to be heading up the east coast…yet they are both still in Florida… it would be fun to run into either one of them and/or it would be a grand party if we all met at the same time. One is sightseeing, the other is a big time birder – so am seeing quite a diverse scenario thru their eyes via their blogs. Tis fun…

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