First Landing SP


Discovered there’s more than one sand dune to reach the water… this picture above is standing on top of the one closest to my RV.  Just barely see the Chesapeake Bay here. This is looking northwest.

Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise from Janet… she is a veteran massage therapist of 18 years and yes…YES! I got one superb massage… oh my was that good….  later in the day, I had dinner with them too. Tom got home early enough to join us.  Just so good to see my cousins. This weekend, we will spend more time together as they are both off on the weekends…

I love it when the weather man is not quite accurate on the forecast.  Yes, its windy, yes its cold today – but no thunderstorms, not much rain and well… its quite decent.  Today, due to the sand dunes, I’m protected from the blast of brisk cold winds out of the northwest.  The temp is hanging at 36º out of the wind, but it feels warmer.  Yeah, I know, its that Alaskan blood kicking in. Laughing here.

So when I got home last night… I saw a truck parked weird a few spaces before mine and commented on the oddity to Tom. When we pulled in behind my rig, I did not see anything amiss, so promptly forgot about the truck. Tom & I were unloading groceries I had bought… And there, out of the darkness, without a sound, were two people – dressed in black from head to toe right at the car, and with a hesitation in their movement they then moved on when they saw me. It was late, about 11pm.  There are no lights in this park at night, what were these people doing?  I remember warning Tom to be careful as he left as you could not see them.  The whole concept spooked the heck out me. Nothing more happened that I could tell. So put away groceries and went to bed.  This morning I called the office and canceled the rest of my stay here, and reported the incident. Afterwards, the Chief Ranger stopped by, got more details from me.. The security for this park, apparently lives somewhere within the park – I had no idea they were even here, never saw any of them. He said I should be safe, but you know what – I might be now as I reported the incident, but where were they before???  Hate to be critical… but folks come roaming in here at all hours of the day and night. Even the Ranger said they have had problems in the past – mostly with infractions of drinking within the park, had recovery of stolen goods, and a few break-in’s, etc. So why don’t they lock down this campground at night?  Maybe its different in the summer, when there are more people around. As the Ranger left, he said to make sure to lock down everything, keep things put away.  Interesting…

So decided to take some pictures today of some views around here before I leave… I can’t drive my rig in this wind, so won’t today, but it should die down by morning… So…

First Landing State Park is at or near where the first Virginia Company had landed at, in 1607, before they went up the James River and founded Jamestown, Virginia.  It is believed that what we see today is the same as they saw it in 1607 or very nearly so.  I knew this park as Sea Shore State Park, but some time over the last 30 years it was renamed to First Landing State Park.  The campground is only one aspect of the haven in the northern area of Virginia Beach.  Beautiful trails can occupy one for hours thru out this park.  Some of the area is swamp too.  Very pretty with all the mangroves, live oaks, etc.  Right now its still in winter mode – no green to be found except on some pines.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge is on horizon

Ship and bridge view

I’m standing on walk way above the dunes

Walk way ends at another dune, still can’t see beach!

The walk way is high above the dunes… the protected sand dunes.  But it ends at another dune and no steps down to the beach. In fact, couldn’t see the beach.

Looking back the way I came, can you see my rig? 

No, you can’t see it. But its right about the highest point of the tree line on the right, not quite to the edge of the picture. Apparently, water has been as high as the campground – as there are alot of oyster shells…

Live oaks

This is looking up at the peak of the sand dune, nearest my rig. Squirrels and birds have been keeping my boys happy here.

Looking down to my rig from the picture above

Smothered bush

I’ve noticed thru alot of the swamps and now this State Park the vines that have taken over and smothered the trees or bushes. It does eventually kill the bush or tree.  In this particular bush is full of birds. They take flight when a car drives by.  The birds are bigger than sparrows, but I don’t know what they are.

Tree smothered by the same vine as the bush.

One of many potholes in this park.

4 thoughts on “First Landing SP

  1. That's what the ranger said too. He suspected that they had scouted out the area in the day time and came back in the dark. Odd to be happy to get validation for my instincts, but I am.


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