Marching in

March was to come in like a lion, but it delayed itself by 3 days.  Awaiting the said lion gave us such a delightful 70+ degree weather and low humidity, basking in the sunshine was a simple joy.  Had the rig entirely opened to air out.  The cats had all the sun beams while this person was spot washing the rig.  What I couldn’t reach the California Duster helped with that. Afterwards, went to see if I could get down to the water or if there were any trails around.  No luck on either.  Will have to talk to the Camp Host, as the office is closed on weekends.  It was a gorgeous day!!!  Met most of my neighbors too.

Today tho… that warm spell was smashed to smithereens. But not until mid-day. Temps dropped by 17 degrees in short order, winds started blowing… right now, at dusk – temp is now down to 35ºF – it was 64ºF this morning. The winds are rocking the rig big time.  Its been raining since about 4p. There is a winter advisory out for ice, but the local weather said it will quit by midnight.  It will be chilly tonight, down to the low 20’s, tomorrow we will be lucky to reach 40… and that my dear friends has been my norm for this winter… no matter where I have been.  Arkansas, LA, MS, FL, SC and now NC. Crazy stuff!  By the end of the week the temps will go back up.  It has been one roller coaster after another this winter…

3 thoughts on “Marching in

  1. Ilse – laughing here….I tried to take the blame back in November, but the cold happened before I got to places so it was like I was seeking the cold vs me bringing the cold to others. Either way…what a ride!


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