Hello from…

Have I been found yet?  I’m not sure…  So think I’m still in stealth mode.  It may be a few more days of this before folks see any changes… or I see any changes…

In the meantime, I got tired of tripping over the darn warping wheel – I quit procrastinating and finished beaming on the rest of the yarn that I started before I got here. And broke down the warping wheel and stored it away. Secured the spoke part of the warping wheel (minus the spools) to the side of my loom. It has to be taken off to weave, but for travels it is secured with a bungie cord. Tools, equipment, notes all stored and secured for travel. I will not get back to this until my next destination.

Mary K. on left, her co-worker on right

Went to breakfast with my friend Mary and her co-worker (Lorie or Laurie?) Sorry, which is it?  We went to Gibby’s Dock and Dine, down by the marina at Carolina Beach. I hearty breakfast – eggs, english muffin, home fries, crispy Apple smoked bacon, coffee for $6.59 – incredible price from olden days.  They added grits to their breakfast platter instead of home fries.  I’ve never gotten the hang of eating grits. They say its like Cream of Wheat, well I never ate that either.  Someday, I might have to try it, but not today.

View from Gibby’s Dock & Dine

After breakfast Lorie/Laurie wanted to see my rig, so we all headed back to show off my home. After that, Mary & I went and got our haircuts done.  My hair has almost grown out from the butcher job (they took a buzz razor to my head on that job) I had right after Thanksgiving. She said it still needs another month to grow out the rest, but am pleased as punch to get back to some resemblance of my normal.  Mary was not so pleased with her cut tho. She asked for shoulder length trim and got cut to chin length. Its cute but it took two different gals to get it fine tuned and the 1st gal did not “listen”. Sad. But Mary didn’t end up paying for it, they gave it to her free as they screwed up, which surprised us both.

Mary needed to get home, she’s packing to move to another. So I came back to work in my rig. While gone, I gained two new neighbors, but tonight, no deer is visiting…  
Tomorrow is laundry day for me.  The weather has been awesome. Yesterday was a tad scary having a wall of storms approach, but other than strong winds and horizontal winds it bypassed my area and was over in less then 2 hours. No thunder at all. Lightening all around, but my new app “Spark” – showed me where it was and when I was safe. Today – beautiful high 60’s, low humidity, sunny. Suspect it will remain so for the next several days, then changes are coming in.
Monday, am heading with Lynne to Southport via a ferry ride. Will write more later on that. Wednesday I have made an appointment to get my oil & filter changed, fluids checked, etc at the Ford dealer’s Truck & RV section in Wilmington. Its due. Might get some new wipers too.. This and new tires, I’m ready to hit the road.  Being in stealth mode, I can’t tell you where I’m going or when, because I’m not here. So when I’m here again, I might tell…

2 thoughts on “Hello from…

  1. Oh, can your hairdresser pack a bag and join me? She was awesome. Yea the gal that butchered my hair after Thanksgiving gave me some resemblance of your haircut – which my hair doesn't do even a little bit. Of course, I didn't know that until that cut. She asked if she could use a razor and I wrongly assumed it was to be used on the back edge on neck – wrong!!! She zipped it right up the back of my head. Had no choice but to let her continue under protest. One for the book, that's for sure. 😉


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