Chores and fun

This morning was laundry day for me.  Yesterday, I said they were free, well not quite true. $.75 per load is the cost, still cheap.  Got it done, put away right before my friends showed. In the laundry was just the littlest gecko… he/she was so cute. Kept diving under my dryer..

They were just coming out of the trees – 24 of them

Now these friends – none of which I have ever met before today, have known of one for 35 plus years, I know her brothers, but never met her (Mary). And the other is a gal I have been corresponding with for nearly 20 years on genealogy and she is of the same branch off the Cornwell’s, just a younger generation then the other gal. Now isn’t that nice Lynne? Laughing here.  And her significant other.  They took me to lunch at a fabulous place – have no idea its name, but the food was excellent. Hope to go back before I leave.  It was as if we had known each other all these years and was just catching up with the latest. It was a fun few hours.

Will see them again sooner than later, but they all have to go to work.  After I got back, I opened up my rig, its the first time since we left Kings Bay that I have had the rig open. It may have only been 44ºF today, but the sun was warm and the boys soaked up the sun rays and the rig got aired out.  Nice.

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