North Carolina, part one

The trip north from Charleston was delayed a few hours to let the black ice melt off the bridges and as I drove north, saw tons of branches and trees down along the highway.  It was as if Mother Nature did some spring cleaning of all the pine trees.  In Alaska, when we got ice storms, the trees and bushes would lean way over and almost touch the ground, but not break. So it was interesting to see the volume of damage from this ice storm.

I arrived mid-afternoon at Fort Fisher AFB Recreational Center, near Kure Beach, North Carolina. I was the only one in campground when I arrived.  By sunset, had 2 others show up.

Bath House with Laundry

Despite the simplistic nature of this building. Has a very nice laundry (free) and the restrooms/showers are clean as a whistle too.

See the ocean?

I didn’t see it either.  If I hadn’t known the ocean was right on the other side of those condos, you could have fooled me we were only 300 yards from the ocean in this campground.

Lazy Daze – isn’t she pretty?

I picked the west side of this campground to park, as the prevailing winds are from the west – southwest and occasionally from the northwest. Surprised me that they don’t get much from the ocean.

Center – one deer

Was pleasantly surprised to see a deer feasting at sunset way out here on this little spit of sand that is between the Atlantic ocean and the Cape Fear river.  Did he swim here? Or did he come thru those condos or what.  It was neat however he came.

Today, I got up, did my normal routine of getting started for the day.  Thought about driving down to the Civil War Museum down near Southport.  Got on to check my emails and my day came to a screeching halt. Grief is powerful whether you know one is dying or if it is sudden – it slams into you in ways its indescribable at times.  Today I grieved the loss of my beloved Mother-in-law as she passed away last night… she was the best Mother-in-law a person could dream for… little alone have. I loved her dearly for all of the 35 years I have had her in my life. I will always cherish the memories. She was one talented lady as a proof reader for all college catalogs, as just one of her many talents, but she is best known for loving her grand babies. Actually all children brought great smiles, funny stories and fond memories. I was so looking forward to visiting with her this spring when I get up there, but will now be content that she is no long suffering and is at peace.  Just a wonderful woman!

3 thoughts on “North Carolina, part one

  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you Melinda , I know how you felt about your m-n-law we visited about her when you were here in Oct. Thank gosh for memories. Enjoy your stay where you are now and hope weather gets better.


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