Snuggled down

Now when I planned to head north, the weather was going to be a delightful sunny, nice weather in the 60’s, no wind – good traveling weather. Later in week was to bring in some rain. So the night before & the morning of, glanced at weather on where I was heading… not good. So stopped to study maps, and such, in a little more detail.  I have learned over the years, to not take a cavalier attitude about the weather. It can bite your ass quicker then anything.  I have a tendency to read clouds and if it differs from the weatherman says, I heed the clouds…

As I said in a previous post, I was bucking logic to move north.  I knew I could not go as far north as I wanted, despite seeing the temps that they had been having.  It is February you know.  So added that element of caution and went for it.  There’s no destination that requires me to be at any one place by a certain date or a certain time.  Folks that know I’m coming have been informed of a block of time, not an exact time frame.  Even that has backfired a few times… no big deal.

I had not been on the road for over 2 1/2 months, I planned a short day.  I parked at a nondescript place at the junction of I-95/Highway 17, about 133 miles north.  It was a great drive north… even saw my first alligator as I passed one of many swamps.  Totally cool to see it. Lots of birds too. Just a good all and all day to hit the road.  Weather forecast was changing, but according to news people – it was Atlanta that was in for it. Well I awoke to 37º and a fine mist.  I didn’t waste time, fed the cats, got dressed, fixed my tea for the road and left at first light.  Considering it was not forecasted to be out of the 40’s the whole day… I was out of there. Quickly got out of the mist, tho cloudy… it was beautiful trip on Highway 17 into Charleston.  This is such a beautiful city!  Harbor, rivers, ships, etc.  But I kept going, as the rain was following me. When I got to Charleston, the temp had dropped to 35º. I needed to get parked, so kept going. It wasn’t too much further, but need to get past these bridges.

Didn’t take long – sleet happened sooner than forecasted. A big sigh of relief that I got this far and settled in before it started.  Listened to sleet most of the evening… I slept quite comfy with my mattress pad heater – one of the best purchases I have made for living in my RV. Pure lush warmth that caresses one’s body… and the cats! Laughing here.  To awaken to find rain, nothing but rain and the temp had warmed to 31 (it had been 27 when I went to bed).  The pink (ice) on the weather maps had moved just west and north of my area this morning – not but a smidgen but it had moved away. South Carolina had issued a State of Emergency besides Winter Storm Warning and Ice Warning last night. The only thing changed is the Winter Storm Warning has been dropped.  So will wait this out…

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