Settled down, moving on

My stay at Kings Bay, Georgia was one of the most unsettling times with my cats.  The stray/feral cats that were being fed by my neighbor, seem to target my boys far more then others. Part is how my door is closer to the ground then say a 5th wheeler.  But being right next to them getting fed twice a day, my rig was in their path constantly.  In bad weather, they tried to get into my rig – of course the neighbor is not home.  Then the bobcat incident and both of my cats were afraid to even approach the door and shied away from the windows.  I’ve never seen this in my boys.  I couldn’t even go out the door and walk a few steps away before the cats would move in on my boys. It was incredible.. never seen anything like it!

Norm, my orange cat, was in such a state that I couldn’t even brush past him without a hissing growling event of mega portions. Tucker wasn’t doing the hissing and growling, but he fought Norm often enough I tried to figure out where I could go.  It really came to a head late one night. I had barely gotten under the covers when Norm rammed himself into me growling and hissing. I was stuck in my own bed. Then I saw Tucker coming… that is no place to be when cats fight and it terrified me enough to call my friend in Alaska for advice.  I managed to stop Tucker from coming up… but Norm was completely out of control… but he did not attack me, but I couldn’t even touch him to sooth him.  So I laid there, put myself into a very relaxed stance, deep breathed and waited. It was awhile before he jumped up and moved off.  I got out of my bed, grabbed my robe and went in the back on the sofa by my loom.  I did not sleep that night. Norm held firm control over my bed thru out the night and into the next day.  I called and talked to a vet and they believed that the combo of the stray cats and the potential of a bobcat or panther so threatened their home that they no longer felt safe.  They gave me several suggestions and it took me almost a full week to see some normalcy come back into my rig.

I did not feel safe leaving this campground until things settled down or get back to normal. I couldn’t fathom driving down the road with a full blown cat fight going on. So I extended my stay a bit more. I asked repeatedly to be moved.  Worthless management that doesn’t even honor their own rules and regulations, kept saying there was nothing they could do, even tho there has always been spots empty here.  They did not get a glowing report from me when I left.  But I made a trial road trip – went to commissary – it was instant change in scenery and I saw both of my boys become the cats I love so much.  I went back and parked in front of the office and demanded a different parking spot. I went into overflow at the opposite end of the park and was pleased to see the change with my boys continue.  But WOW…

Tucker & Norm catching the sun rays!

So I’m bucking logic and moving north.  Winter is still knocking in my pathway, but I need to move on, put some miles under my wheels, go see things and friends.  I have found a beach and will hang my hat for a couple of weeks.  More on that later plus photos.

For now, one more photo of my warping wheel with yarn that will fill one section on my sectional warping beam.  I meant to post it on the last posting. But this wheel, knowing how many ends per inch, how long each individual thread/yarn needed to be  for this project to go into my 2″ sections. Measurements done and at this stage, I literally take it right off of this onto the loom. Easy. Had 13 sections to do, but this time I have to follow a detailed color order…which adds a different element  Every 5 segments, I get to start all over on the sequence.

Warping wheel with one section of yarn done

So I’m going to chill out with my boys before I start the next round of friends to see.  We need this time. Today when the sun came out, windows all open – the boys were playing, chasing each other, loving the sun… this was wonderful to have once again. I love the bumping heads with me, the snuggles, the love.  So we are ok…

One thought on “Settled down, moving on

  1. Good to hear your boys are getting back to normal. That must have been a scary experience for all of you. I guess you know your moving into another southern snow storm. Not to worry though, your LD can handle it just fine.


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