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Some of my readers who were asking for updates, got it yesterday. One of them, Pleinguy – who I have no idea what his first name is – told me its too early to head north.  I kind of chuckled over that yesterday – as the weather is same here as it was in Jacksonville (1 hour and 15 minutes south) – so why not move north a little bit? To this morning on Facebook, someone posted a picture of the “Welcome to Florida” sign as you enter Florida from Alabama near Pensacola area – white out conditions, everything covered in snow. And I just roared with laughter. It might be warmer heading north right now.

And snow is forecasted for Jacksonville and Saint Mary’s on Tuesday – so the weather is still the same. Crazy stuff, that’s for sure.

So yes, I’m bucking the norm by heading north.  Climate Prediction via NOAA says things will be warming up in this region in 6-10 days on into 8-14 days and not much in the way of precipitation either along the mid-atlantic coast southward to northern Florida.  So will just ride it out. After Tuesday, I see alot of 70’s in the forecast… so may move on northward. Time will tell.

And among other things. I needed to dump my tanks – I went 24 days without dumping the black tank – whoa is me, but surprisingly it was listed as 72% on my SeeLevel and it had been listed full on the hood display as full for quite sometime.  So something else to learn about this rig.  I did dump my grey tank at my friends (with their permission) once.

So the mundane chores are done now. Tomorrow, I will be back working on my next project on the loom. I am beaming on at the moment.  A little research on the fiber I’m using, as I have never used Tencel, which is a fancy name for rayon. I was told it acts like silk and is soft like silk, but its not silk. Then a comment from a fellow weaving friend said it does not wear well, made me do some more research.  What I’m putting on is a baby blanket. There’s no way in heck will I give it to a new Mom if it can’t be thrown into the washer and dryer without much ado.  From my research, it says to wash by hand and dry flat. That won’t work.   But some said they have had no problem too.  So will make it and see how it pans out. It might be a dress-up blanket – if there’s such a thing for babies.

On a previous post I mentioned I couldn’t be seen at the local hospital or clinic. What I neglected to say is that the military is no longer open to military personnel unless you are signed up for that region. I couldn’t believe it.  So I can’t get ANY kind of medical outside of my own region.  This held true on the lab work too.  Some might say, there’s the VA. When I retired, I stayed with military medicine vs going VA on purpose. It doesn’t mean I can’t still switch, but my pay is military, not VA pay.  At this time, I’m not switching.  But was surprised that they have closed the door on its own to get help.

Grump, grump, grump here… why don’t people follow rules and regulations? Do Not Feed The Wildlife is made for reason that are escaping the brains of many folks.  Last Spring, was traveling with a person who put whole peanuts out to draw in the feral havalina pigs – to get better pictures!!!  Now I’m parked next to a RV that has allowed their two cats outside and they roam freely without a leash or anyone being around. Rules dictate all pets must be on 6′ leash and not left alone outside. These folks are feeding them outside as well.  Then there are people that feed the feral cats at Mayport NAS – those feral cats are healthy looking cats!  And then someone in Alabama, no it was in Mississippi, where a semi-permanent young RV family left their young kids outside alone (Mom had her back to them inside her rig, talking on cell) and a… think it was a lynx, or something like it, was found less then 25 feet from those kids.  That was quite a conversation in that park that night. But seriously… I use to grump in Alaska when folks left their garbage out, bear comes to feast on easy pickings, then gets the bear killed due to the stupidity of the humans not storing their trash.  Ok, off my soapbox today.

There are several historical places in this area that I have not seen in over 20 years. May or may not go check them out. What I would like is a good museum or two. There must be a few of them around. So will ask the locals soon.

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