Over due again…

Ok, my readers are informing me that I am overdue in posting once again, well I am tardy! What else is new? Laughing here.  Nonetheless, I haven’t taken any photos and if I post without photos, I hear from a different set of readers.  So I took a bunch of photos this afternoon, trying to get the male and female cardinals which are hanging in the trees behind the rig.  Mind you, when outside, if I reach for the camera – they fly away, if I move an inch – they fly away.  So I have alot of images with no birds.  This one is taken from within my rig. Click on the photo – smack dab in the middle is some red, brilliant red.  I will keep trying while I’m here.


So where is here?  I have migrated north, a wee bit up the coast from Jacksonville, I’m now in Georgia, quite literally just across the Florida state line at Kings Bay Submarine Base. The weather is the same here as frosty Jacksonville Beach – brrr. But I got more sunshine… which heats up the rig nicely.

In Jacksonville, I got 5 new tires on my rig, but they are not Michelin’s.  Michelin makes these tires and gave the ok to honor the Michelin recall with Uniroyal Laredo Tires. Same size as my 2 new Michelin tires that I got in October.  It was a surprise to find out in the Southeast has run out of Michelin tires in stock (my size) – anywhere. They are so back ordered, it may take several weeks to get more in. Hence my agreeing to take the UniRoyal tires.
I must thank Jim, Bev and Mandy for the hospitality and the grand opportunity to spend time with them, share their driveway and tell Lily she can now cool her jets. Laughing here.  Had the most enjoyable time with them.  Thank you!  I want to note, the morning I left – out in their frozen yard, near the front of the house were 2 blooms of azaleas. Gorgeous!!!  What a send off…
Now the last 3 days, I’ve been idle – awaiting word on a family friend.  Len was 94 years old on January 1st.  Last year, I got to celebrate his birthday with him. This year I’m way too far away, as he died peacefully with his grand daughter at his side yesterday afternoon. Len and his wife, were best friends of my parents – grew up with their kids. Len was the last of his era in our circle of family and friends. Lot of great tributes to him have already been written. A good man. He will be missed. Rest in peace Len. Loved you.

4 thoughts on “Over due again…

  1. Sara – I think I missed a good Q, so perhaps next year I can make it. Janie the weather is turning to snow… I can't escape it. Pleinguy – will address in my next blog post. 😉


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