Lifestyle change…

At friend’s home

What a doozy getting into this parking spot, as pictured above.  I had attempted to back in, but it was not near as doable as I would have liked.  As it is, I left two grooves in the street, and two scratches at the base of their driveway by the two posts that hang down under my rig. Thankful for those two posts, as no damage to my rig. And that was with extra boards being laid down to change the degree of slope at base of driveway.  Will have to repeat this when I leave, but it confirms I’m not coming and going in my rig while staying with my friends Jim & Bev.  Grrrrrr….

But I am here.  They live in a wonderful neighborhood in Jacksonville Beach, with lots of old growth trees and spanish moss.  No real traffic on these streets, as one easily gets lost back in here. In fact had Bev with me, guiding me to there house.  I was surprised to learn they are around 200 yards from the Intercoastal Waterway.  No clue of being near any water, little lone the inter coastal waterway.

I have been busy making a ton of phone calls to find a store in this area that will honor the Michelin Tire recall. Out of my 7 tires, 5 will be replaced. I’m going to inquire on whether I can get the 2 done in October under the same recall, but won’t know until I get there. Nonetheless… finding someone that carries my tires is amazingly difficult – or I just haven’t called enough places yet.  In checking the data on the tires, I once again have the same issue I had on the two tires I replaced in October, complete cracking around the base of the tread.  It does not encourage me to hit the road with defective tires. So I will continue calling…

Have you ever read “Eat for Health”?  I’ve been reading it off and on over the past year, but until I went to another set of friends home for appetizers a few days ago, has changed me from a casual reader of said book, to action.  My body just rebels against processed foods and I am tired of spending my nights at the toilet. This book pulls together plus adds more details of things my own doctor has pushed me to change in my life.  It is not a diet, its a life style change.  I have watched my good friend Cheri follow “Eat for Health” for the last 3 or so years. I just thought she decided to be a vegan and I quite honestly wasn’t interested in being a vegan.  Well, in reading this book, that is a chose you can take, but its not for everyone. Good.  Cause I do like my fish…

So off to the commissary to get fruits and veggies and I am now following the initial steps of “Eat for Health”.  They have you follow what you’ve been eating, just add more of fruits and veggies initially. So I’m getting one big salad in a day, plus eating 3 fruits each morning, in addition to what I normally eat. Far more food then I normally eat, but have already found I’m not nibbling thru the day like I was before. I’m impressed that that is already happening. So wish me luck folks.

4 thoughts on “Lifestyle change…

  1. I can't take those weaving classes unless I get rid of my cats – no animals are allowed, even my two boys who never go outside. It bummed me out big time. But there will be other opportunities, just not at the famed John C. Campbell School.


  2. JAX is once again going into the deep freeze. Hard freeze warning and wind chill warning in place for Tuesday. JAX itself will be colder then where I'm at and we will be in the 20's. The good thing – its only going to last 24 hours. Today was 71.


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