Changing venues

The last posting said I would be out of here on the 8th, well… now I’m moving over to my friend’s driveway on Wednesday, that is tomorrow morning.

You see, my friend Bev and I were going to have a girl’s day out playing – but the car to do it in, fell out of the option bank. The next chance was the day I was to move within the park, then she is gone on a trip. So I’m moving over tomorrow.  It will be nice… to share a cup of tea whenever we want.  So a last few pictures of the ships and such.  One comment, it actually rained here – the first time since I’ve been here. All those big fronts fell apart before it got here this past month. Interesting place, weather wise.

Tug and Coast Guard Cutter

Chemical or oil ship

And the black cotton is beamed on.  Need to find some yard sticks, which will allow me to uniformly transfer all sections at one time, so I can start the next step.  Miss my own lease sticks and such – somewhere in storage still…

Each section is done and secure

A pillowcase cover

The need for a cover over my yarns is mainly to keep the sun from damaging the yarns, but it also keeps it clean, dust free and… drumroll… keeps the cats out of it.  When the loom is ready to weave, I will have it covered entirely when I’m not working on it.  These panoramic windows really lets the sun in.  Just something new to contend with out on the road. But love all this light!

Lastly, a real, honest-to-goodness Happy New Year to all my readers and to all my friends!  I’m really excited about 2014.  Wishes to all for a bountiful, fun and wonderful year.  Go exploring!!!

4 thoughts on “Changing venues

  1. Happy New Year to you Melinda I hope 2014 is good to you. Tim was looking at your pictures on your blog he said you have better secenery there than here LOL…but I know he wouldn't trade you because he loves the country….. Enjoy!!!!!


  2. Ditto to you & Tim. As for Tim..he can't trade me… laughing here, but I know what you meant. I will do my level best to share all this, so you can dream on the moment, but keep your country life.


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