Mayport, part 2

As I learn things around here, the biggest is that I don’t have to leave on the 27th. Yes, they are booked solid, but I can and will go into dry camping at $8 per day, I can do that just fine.  I did not know they had dry camping here. Unfortunately, I can’t stay in dry camping… if they get an opening in the main campground, I must move back to the main area and pay that price.  Nonetheless, I have taken the steps necessary to allow me to stick around for awhile.  This is a good thing…
Looking down entrance road

This scene is missing the mountains!!!
A pretty weed? I don’t know. 
Blue Heron (click on pic to enlarge)
A “small” mega container ship
One of several feral cats on jetty 
Pretty day with Navy ships in port
The massive mega ship

It took 3 tugs to bring this monster into the river.  I thought I had been seeing the mega ships up and until this behemoth came in.  

Dog warp

Last, but by no means least.  This is the damn warp I have been battling with since the balloon fiesta. No matter how I straightened, re-alined, re-fixed, untangled – it was not going onto my loom.  I had every excuse in the book why I wasn’t weaving, but in reality this would never have gotten woven. I did not know it until I started taking it off the loom.  Dog warps are warps from hell. Every weaver has experienced them, they are a nightmare. Tangled was the obvious issue, the ones threaded thru the heddles looked fabulous, but the underlining issue was hidden. It was wrapped around the pegs. This baby would never have advanced to be woven.  Apparently, when I put it on in a rush to see if I could use my Warping Wheel in the RV, when I moved the yarn off the beam up over the back to come to the heddles, it wrapped itself around the pegs on the sectional beam.   I would normally have caught that, corrected it and moved on. Well, I didn’t this time.  So bye-bye dog warp.  

3 thoughts on “Mayport, part 2

  1. Hello Melinda;
    You can use this USCG site to identify the ships you are seeing.
    We used to camp right across the St. Johns from where you are. I enjoyed identifying the ships as they passed by.

    Contains lots of interesting info. about the ship.

    Here is another fun one.

    A good, nearby restaurant choice. RV parking nearby.
    Enjoy your stay.


  2. How utterly exciting!!! I have downloaded the app and have already been playing with it. It just hadn't occurred to me to see if there was anything like this. What a treat! Thanks Ed. As for rest of the links, including the restaurant – thank you too. Think I will definitely visit that restaurant, but will take my friends too.


  3. Sounds like you like where your at for Christmas. We have had rain, sleet and snowing now prob 4inches on ground and may get up to 7 so guess we will have a white Christmas as it isn't going to warm up till wed or thurs, it is very pretty out so far wind not blowing so hope it stays that way…


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