FamCamp at Mayport

Well, I made it to Mayport, but not quite to the Atlantic ocean.  The map shows the FamCamp right at the point of land with the Atlantic Ocean on right and St. John’s River on left. Well… its not where the map says it is. Close, but not on the ocean.  One has to walk or drive about a half a mile to the dune, walk up then out on the jetty to get to the ocean. No big deal, but was a little bummed we weren’t right on the ocean. Or so I thought I was bummed.

I was setting up on arrival and was curious of all the activity down by the covered picnic areas – two large areas.. then a blast or two from a ship. I still couldn’t see anything. then a oh-my-God moment in time. There she was… literally feet from the land was a beautiful Navy ship trucking along at a good clip.  Its been years since I’ve seen one of these, I found myself coming to attention and teary eyed over the sight.  I was a little taken back by my reaction to the sight of the ship going right by where I was standing.. but as I turned and looked around me, I wasn’t the only one. Half the folks on land were in full attention and saluting and the rest were like me. Amazing.  Every man and/or women on the ship was manning the rail as it cruised by.  This group made it home for Christmas. Wow!

Zoomed in to get this shot

Zoomed out just before it was out of sight

Since that day, several ships have come in. Not just the Navy, Coast Guard and/or tugs, but giant commercial ships – my goodness they tower many, many stories over everything.  The St. John’s River must be one deep sucker to allow these mega ships to come into port. Then today, I saw a fishing fleet head out, then some sailboats and the like.  Quite a busy traffic lane right in front of this RV park.

USS New York

Do you know about this ship? Wikipedia info on this ship. Its now home ported here in Mayport.  Its the ugliest ship in my opinion yet it gets full reverence for what one has before them.  This is the ship built from the 9/11 twin towers in New York City.  Hopefully, I will learn more while I’m here, but at the moment, you just get a picture of her.

Couple of tug boats in port

I will take more pictures of these parts while I’m here.  I’m at the Pelican Roost RV Park, and it was sheer luck on my part to even be here. Reservations are required here & I did not have reservations and I have to be out of here on the 27th.

Tucker dreaming, paws are twitching

Norm’s nose is in full sniff mode

Mega ship heading out to sea

And for those that have been following my weather woes… this place is near as perfect as one can get in humid land.  The ocean breezes really make this a grand place to be. The locals are grumbling about the “cool” temps and I’m loving it.

9 thoughts on “FamCamp at Mayport

  1. Welcome to Jax/Mayport. Hope you have a great time. When you have to leave, Hanna Park is just down the road and really is on the ocean. Well, the campground is across the street, and you have to walk to get to it. It's a city park and a bit on the expensive side, but really nice. I think the only campground where your site is actually by the ocean is at Gamble Rogers State Park further south at Flagler Beach. Look it up at floridastateparks.org/gamblerogers/


  2. Sounds like a good place to spend Christmas, now do you have someone to spend Christmas with??? I hope you will not be alone. Hope your enjoying your Believe and Snowman. take care, today was 60 suppose to be that next couple days then turn cold on Fri high of 38 good ole Kansas weather…..


  3. Thanks! But I believe there is another SP just north of Jax on the beach – Little talbot SP. But may not need any of these places. May be camping at friends home at Jacksonville Beach


  4. Janie, the reason I was traveling to this far-reaching place, is to spend Christmas with some of my long time friends. So no, I will not be alone this holiday season. May in fact bring in the new year with them, time will tell on that.


  5. Nice place. Yesterday the Nimitz came by my house in Sequim (well, almost; my house is 300 or so yards away from the water), and I missed her again. When she left almost ten months ago, it was foggy and I couldn't see her. Enjoy your holidays. It was 79 degrees here near Yuma today, which for me is middle of summer weather. I'm glad it's not humid here.


  6. Yea Jimbo you have re-joined the living!!! Yes, its warm here, as you will find in CA. Enjoy your Christmas, the warm weather and the Q – course you know the nights get chilly out at the Q. 😉 But now, your an old pro on keeping warm…


  7. Wow! The Nimitz is still active? Cool. Sorry tho, that you missed her once again. After getting your mail, head north of Yuma to Senator Wash – beautiful area about 25 + or minus miles north of Yuma on a reservoir and you may even find a few Lazy Daze folks up there. Lots go there after Q but some may be there now. And yes… be glad its not humid there. Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your travels


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