Alabama to Florida

As I had previously mentioned, I was getting my rig washed for $75, altho “David” tried to up it to $100 after he finished.  Nonetheless, I think he under charges for the work done. True, its not near as detailed as a $300 job, but I am very pleased with the job done.
David finished this side

David doing the last of the windows & look at the shine!

So I said my goodbyes to the Rainbow Plantation and Alabama yesterday and moved on into Florida. Gosh, it was a beautiful day for a drive. Clear skies, breezy but a delightful 62ºF.  As the day went on, I realized I did not want to hit rush hour in Tallahassee, so pulled over at a rest stop and studied the maps. Not a whole lot of options, especially around rivers that appear to be out of their banks.  So a bit of searching for boon docking site really did not turn up much… so I thought I would aim for Chattahoochee (love the name!) and check out this place on both sides of I-10.  North of the interstate was Lake Seminole – it was looking pretty good, until I went around a bend. Some semi-permanent residents looked to be having quite the party.  Since it wasn’t dark yet and they had already started, I decided to look elsewhere.

My rig, so nice and clean..still

I decided to stop at Chattahoochee KOA.  Not my normal first choice, as they are well known to be more expensive… but glad I stopped here.  Delightful owners, sites are level, swimming pool was closed but its a well kept pool, they have cabins too.  I took water/electric only, got settled in.  Was surprised on a billboard they had on the small building around the pool.  Hot pizza it says..  Hot pizza? Sure enough, they do make and sell pizza right here.  12″ pizza $9.99 with any one of or all additions at no extra cost.  Excellent pizza!

Rose?  Not sure and its the only one left

Can you say what this is?

This is the plant for the above pink flower with a ton of buds ready to pop out

Just looking around campground

So I’ve added another State icon to my map.  Nice stay here. Off to see the wizards…ere Jim & Bev!

7 thoughts on “Alabama to Florida

  1. Those flowers look like camellias. They like a warmer climate. My mother-in-law had several big camellia bushes in Sacramento. They are so beautiful I always wished we could grow them outside in Nevada or Idaho.

    Jean in cold, snowy Wallace, Idaho for now.


  2. I think you're going to enjoy Florida in the winter. There's a very inexpensive and beautiful COE park on the east edge of Lake Seminole called Eastbank. I did a post about it back in March. Enjoy the ride and have a happy holiday.


  3. Stick home, Melinda. We won't buy a rig until we sell our house in Nevada. Since I'm not ready to put it on the market yet, it may be a few months.

    There's plenty of room for RV's on the property in N. Idaho. You are welcome to park here anytime. Safe travels.



  4. Well Jean, you will have to send me directions, as I will be in Northern Idaho on my way back to the NW this summer. At this point, I don't know when, but I will be traveling thru there.


  5. Contact me when you are headed my way. I'm about a mile and a half off of I90 in Wallace. There's plenty of room either by the house or down by the creek. Electricity available in both places.


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