Rainbow Plantation – Summerdale, AL

The above picture is 1/2 way down one of three rows of the “campground” here at Rainbow Plantation Escapees RV Park.  At the very end of this row, is dry camping area and behind that, RV storage area for the residents – who do not live in the “campground”.  The clubhouse and residences are to the far right.  No, I did not take pictures of those places. Most are in park models or actual brick homes. Christmas lights are lit too. Quite pretty.  Besides me and other RV’s, the campground is home to ants. Ants of at least two sizes.  What I thought were gnats at first, were itty-bitty ants. They are everywhere, including the side of my rig facing the sun yesterday afternoon. Then you have to watch where you walk – fire ants are everywhere as well.  All the trees in the campground are oaks. Acorns are dropping constantly on tops of the rigs. Little acorns, but acorns nonetheless.  In the residential areas, I see several pecans trees too.  

So my stay here is coming to an end.  The weather – so very thick and muggy humidity (97-100%) on the hot days of 78-80, to the drops of temps to day time highs of the 40’s has been a roller coaster I want to get off of.  The heat days rule – I am literally non-functioning on those days, altho I’m not has bad as I was – I hate this kind of weather.  The cats & I absolutely love it when the temp drops, night time lows finally get out of the 70’s back into good sleeping weather temps of 40’s – funny thing, no one else functions in this park.  Its amazing these folks don’t go out when its chilly! To each its own, I guess.
A simple discovery of another Lazy Daze RV, just 6 spaces down from me, made my week. Jim & Sue are a delightful couple to meet, are full timers and have never been to an outing with other Lazy Daze folks. They have a tea cup dog just like Jimbo’s dog named Chica, except her name is Honey and is a whole lot older than Chica.   They offered to take me to groceries yesterday down in Foley, AL – much appreciated! Even found 5 items I’ve been searching for all across this country.  And its the first time I’ve ever been in a Publix – great grocery store!!!
A couple of neat offerings usually found in an Escapees park – not provided by the Club, but services offered by their residents.  Hair cuts – got mine yesterday morning. It solely needed it. And I’m getting my rig washed and waxed.  Its an almost too-good-to-be-true deal on the rig wash and wax.  This guy said he charges $100 for the Class A’s, but he will only charge me $75 for my rig.  Fortunately, I had talked to others about him and his work before I heard the prices or I would have wondered what he does.  For those who haven’t done this – generally its $9 per foot to do both, but sometimes extra for waxing, but not always. I generally do my own, but once a year – I let someone else do it.

I had previously mentioned planning to go to Pensacola, possibly to Santa Rosa Island, etc. Well the main reason I was going was to see two sets of long time friends who, for whatever reason, have chosen not to respond to emails and/or text messages from me.  Sad to see this, but it is what it is. Bye bye former friends of Pensacola.

So… am heading east… my friends in Jacksonville Beach are telling me the temps have been in the 80’s, but this Alaskan is hoping like crazy they do not have the thick muggy humidity to go with it. The muggy where I’m presently is pouring in off of the Gulf of Mexico and Jacksonville Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean. Time will tell on this one.

6 thoughts on “Hello…

  1. Save travels my friend and hope you get the kind of weather your looking for good luck, it's been very cold here but today think it got to 40 yea but has already dropped down to 30 this eve…. Take care look forward to next posting…….


  2. You know its funny. Before I ever started on this adventure – I was told I would find warm days and cool nights. Last year I froze in the Southwest and this year I'm bogged down in thick muggy sticky humidity. I'm beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as warm days and cool nights anywhere. 😉 As for you Ms Janie – its too cold for you if you can't wear your flip-flops and crop pants. I know you! Laughing here.


  3. Everyone keeps telling they are having very unusual weather for this Fall, then Winter. I'm really hoping for those ocean breezes, especially if as hot as it has been. Forecasts tho are calling for a bit of cooling. I can just hope it holds true.


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