Warmer climes..

Old man winter was telling the folks in Arkansas to expect a deep freeze, ice, snow, you name it. And I said, no more.  But I was rather stuck there waiting for a wayward package from Amazon. It was due in on Tuesday – which would have allowed me to squeak out just barely from the winter moving in. So I got ready. Lo and behold, was notified my package was coming in on Saturday – yippee!  I departed on Sunday morning.

On that Saturday tho, I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with my sis-in-law, she was visiting her sister in Fort Smith, AR and they both came over to see me. Its the first time I’ve met her sister.  What fun!  We and my friend Karen, all went out for lunch. That was a treat too.  No pictures, as I didn’t think about it.

So Sunday, I hightailed it south.  Got off the interstate in Hope, AR and took off on Highway 29, which switched to County Road 3 in LA. One of my great memories of LA was found less then 1 mile into the State. Near a 4 way stop sign, sat 3 elderly gentlemen having a little gathering on an old foundation. One was strumming a banjo, another was making music on an old barrel, and the other was singing but doing some tune on sticks. LOVED IT!  Far as that’s concerned, they were really enjoying themselves. So I pulled over and stopped. Asked if they minded if I sit a spell and listened.  Well, out of a house next to these guys, came a women playing a harmonic.  Some of the best damn Blues I’ve heard in years.  What a special moment in time.

I had originally planned to stop just north of Minden at Caney Lakes Recreational area – two things ruled that out. 1) only 50 amp outlets; 2) flood warning just north of this area.  So then I was going to target Barksdale AFB FamCamp, but when I got to Shreveport, I said no way am I hanging here. So kept trucking on down the road.  So folks, tell me what is the difference between flooded rivers and swamps or vice versus?  It all looks wet to me! Laughing here.

I eventually ended up in Natchitoches, LA for the night. There were zero rest areas along I-49, so looked for a RV park or a decent truck stop.  The 4th RV place I had checked south of Shreveport, the best of the 4, gave a lousy night of sleep. It was right behind a truck stop. That in and of itself wasn’t the problem, but the jack hammer that started before first light was.  And the temp was a warm muggy 59ºF.  There weather forecast was no different then Little Rock, so despite being tired, I headed on out.  Got to Lafayette/I-10 and headed east.  Oh my goodness the road is horrible!!!  Just a clickity-clack for miles and miles and miles.  Rest areas have cops?  The sign said security provided. My goodness are they that bad? Perhaps, but the volume of traffic made resting the eyes hard, but I did stop for a couple of hours. Then I stopped in Gulfport, MS for the night. Had nice cool breezes.

Then headed down to what they claim is the scenic highway – highway 90.  Going thru non-stop traffic lights, stores, box stores, railroad tracks is not what I would call a scenic highway.  The best of that route was in Pasgacoula (not sure how to spell it) and the giant ship building area off in the distance. Then I got off and went back onto I-10.    I knew Highway 90 had lost several bridges in MS to Hurricane Katrina all along this route, but I suspect it was before I got onto the road in Gulfport. Perhaps that is where it was more scenic too.  As it is, I-10 is quite scenic too.

I got in late yesterday to the Escapees Rainbow Plantation RV park in Summerdale, AL

Fog lifting in early light

This is a large park, wide open spaces that reminds me of horse pastures, sweeping horse pastures, but with RV’s along the edges.  I will take more pictures later on, when the fog lifted this morning the rains moved in.  In my mind’s eye, the rain justified those high humidity of 96% I had most of the night, when in reality, it was the fog.  Pea soup muggy… and I left the cold for this?  Only saving grace – if I can wait it out, is the cooler temps coming in next week.  Now I need to figure out where the dumpster is, the club house, and the laundry – but all in due time. Today, I’m taking some down time. Last night’s temp was too hot for me at 68ºF, but I put on my exhaust fan and slept the night away.

To my military friends, its cheaper to stay at the Escapees Park then the Fam Camps in this area. I was surprised by that. Altho I may try to get over to Pensacola NAS.  I would love to see the aviation museum once again and see what they have added – its been 30 years since I last saw it. Its a fabulous museum – worth everyone’s time to go see.  But what I may try to do, if its open, is to go out to Santa Rosa Island and stay at Fort Pickens NP Campground. A virtual slip of land surrounded by ocean.  I’m going to inquire about that possibility. Its been eons since I was there. It use to be quite a primitive campground.  Lots of places to re-check out.  You see, I lived in Pensacola for 3 years back in the 80’s and boy has it grown up!!!!  Even here in Alabama.  I use to visit an elderly family friend in Fairhope – its a booming town now, then it was a quaint nondescript little town along the bay.
That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “Warmer climes..

  1. Fort Pickens Campground is open. We spent two weeks there in Oct 2011 and it sure looked different from when we lived there before the hurricanes took out many of the trees in the campground. Loop A still has some nice sites, though. Temps in Dec can vary a lot but it is always humid!


  2. Be thankful you are where it will be warm. Yeah, I know the humidity is sticky. You're going to enjoy Florida in the winter. Out here in NM, where I am, it will be mid-teens overnight, 40s to 50s for hi, and very windy. So far, my little Twin-King is staying cozy though.


  3. Janie – heat & humidity puts me down quicker than anything, can't function so am doing R&R despite it all. Jim & Gayle – glad for the heads up on Fort Pickens, not so on the humidity. And Pleinguy, I'm not so sure it was a wise decision for me to come to FL. Will wade thru the muggy for a few, then decide. Keep warm in NM. Enjoy it too!


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