Pre, in that its before Thanksgiving, not by much, but it is before.

My friend had Pink Eye of all things and hasn’t been able to go out and do anything,  and the weather has been frightful… so she tended to herself and I tended to my rig and contents.  But today, all is much improved and we went to the Clinton Library.

I’ve never taken the time to go thru a Presidential library before, but will now seek them out.  I really had no idea what to expect. Library, one would expect books, right?  Well, no.  I was intrigued with the architecture as well as the documentation and how they did the documentation.   I wish I had more images, but my camera kept flashing and only non-flashing photos are allowed.  Nonetheless, an image could not do justice to all that is offered.  But boy did I learn things about those years.  During the years we were getting settled into Alaska – rarely got news at that time – on politics or anything else. So this was quite an education.  I suspect any Presidential Library I go to, will be an equal education into my eyes, as I hate following politics. But am glad I got to come.

The architecture on the outside of the building caught my attention almost immediately – why do they have all those bullet proof panels.  I”m sure they are more than bullet proof, but whatever it is, why is a library under such restraints? Are all presidential libraries this way?  I don’t know. We had to go thru a security checkpoint – just like at the airport. As I was leaving, I learned that when President Clinton and/or his wife are in Little Rock, that is where they stay. No, not in the library, but on top of it.  Nearly 5000 sq ft home. We could only see a small fraction of the roof.

Back to the documentation… the preservation of each and every individual piece of paper was amazing to see how they did it.  Having done alot of this in my own genealogical research it was impressive to see the magnitude that has been preserved.  Even the towering pillars supporting various displays, were volumes upon volumes of records in binders.  How many years was he the President?  I don’t recall, but everything, I mean every thing was noted if it was read by the President, if the President made notes, on every conceivable subject. I was amazed by this.  Guess I just never considered the paper work that passes thru any Presidents’ hands and what they do with it. Like never throw it away!!!

Exact replica of Clinton’s Cabinet Room

I tried to take a picture of Clinton’s oval office, but that’s when I got into trouble with the flash on my camera. All along the outside of these rooms, are details about every aspect you can see inside the room. Such as the art work, or the furniture, carpet, photos, etc.  Even tho you are unable to go into the rooms, you don’t need to, its very nicely shown outside the room.

Interesting draw bridge

Most of the walls appear to be glass, I suspect more plexiglass, but could be wrong. This one view as I was coming down stairs caught my eye.  Haven’t seen a draw bridge like this one in years. This is the drawbridge over the Arkansas River.

Now a surprise was presented to all that came to the Clinton library this week. Oscar de le Renta – the world famous dressmaker behind the presidential ladies, had a wonderful display.  I only took pictures of the dresses that interested me the most for various odd reasons, which I will explain when I get to it.

The embroidery work done on this is very detailed

A story was embroidery around the skirt part of this dress. In such detail, you would have thought it was a photo if you couldn’t get up close. Close shows a zillion beautiful stitches in ever imaginable stitch. Stunning work on this!!!  The bodice was sequin and embroidery.  Just beautiful.

Silk Kimono

My very first handwoven clothing item I ever made, was a kimono in wool. To see the exact same design as I was taught was amazing.  The difference I could see was the seam dressing. But I suspect it was due to it being silk vs my wool.  Lovely, just lovely to see this.  And no, mine would not qualify for a Oscar de le Renta showcase. Laughing here.

Recognize this anyone?

We have, ere I have. seen this outfit – in a variety of materials, colors on various people. Such as Nancy Reagan, both Bush women, Kate Middleton, and apparently Hillary Clinton.  I love the simplistic design and apparently it works on most bodies.

Lots of dresses in this one room

On some of these real elaborate formals, they are wearing a delicate fitted lace head piece that covers the hair, ears, down to top of the nose.  I have never seen this before and I wonder the why of it.  Is it that the whole package appearance wasn’t done without a head piece?  I don’t know, but from this gal who hasn’t worn a dress in over 24 years – it was marvelous to see all this up front. Puts one in a different place…different frame of mind. Fun day.

So on that note… I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Gobble, gobble, gobble.  I’m making new traditions with old friends. Cherish your families and friends! Thanksgiving, to me, has always meant gatherings. In past it was with family, now its with friends.  Over the years, I have worked in soup kitchens – serving a hot meal, other times we had sailors join us for the feast when couldn’t get home with their own families.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends.

4 thoughts on “Pre..gobble

  1. What a fun time! I've never been to a presidential library, either. Glad your T-day was fun! Did you go to a meal, potluck, Resturant? We ate at home, John cooked the turkey that Keith got free from his boss, and we are slow-cooking the remains to make into soup. John has quite a bit of meat for sandwiches, too. The dogs really like turkey! Happy travels!


  2. Well, I learned something about Presidential Libraries; very interesting. BTW Clinton was President for eight years. Those are some nifty threads. When are we going to see some of your weaving work?


  3. Patience Pleinguy on my weaving work, I've been visiting not weaving, but that will change soon. And Sharry, the lady at Clinton Library told me there were 3 Presidential libraries in TX alone. I was there in March – no sign of one for me, but I wasn't looking for them either. And Cheri – we got caught up via phone.


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