Maumelle COE – Little Rock

I made it to Little Rock area and am staying at a beautiful COE (corp of engineer) RV park along side of the Arkansas river.  COE built the Toad Suck Dam and Lock – yes, it is really called Toad Suck… I arrived just hours before the winds came in and blew down all the leaves. Amazing transformation with leaves gone today.  Nonetheless… its a spacious park.  Huge areas around each site, with gravel area next to paved parking pad. Has electric and water at each site and several dump stations, rest rooms thru out the park.  Picnic table, fire pit, shade plus view of river at each site. Nice! All the other RV’s shown in these pictures left this morning.  But I still have plenty of company in the park. An unexpected discovery that this park offers, in a secluded, quiet place away from the rest of the park, for several cancer patients to come to enjoy.  Apparently, they are set up in a variety of specially designed RV’s just for this purpose. What a grand, grand idea!  I don’t know any other details about this, but bravo to whoever thought of doing it for these patients.  Beautiful, beautiful, peaceful area.

The locals tell me the Fall colors were the best they have been in years. Even on the last leg of Fall, the leaves were pretty wonderful to admire. Reds, oranges, golds covered the hills in this region.

Isn’t she pretty!

A perfectly level site. Amazing find! My bubble is dead center on both directions in my fridge. Most of the time I’m a 1/4 to 1/2 a bubble off.

Arkansas River

I crossed the mighty Arkansas River several times getting here. Its one of the main tributaries of the Mississippi River.   This park does get flooded on occasion.

View around me at COE park

Not the best view of the hooked stand just off center in picture to left, but does anyone have any idea what this might be? Each site has one,  Its easily over 8 feet tall. There’s something dangling from the short in – no function that I can tell.

Another angle of view

All these RV’s left this morning. Apparently a group gathering spot. There were 8 rigs together. This gives you a good idea how far apart the sites are.

Today, Rod & Karen came and picked me up to go out to breakfast.  A bit of sightseeing on the way – such as where they live, where Rod works, etc. Delicious breakfast at a place called Mimi’s Cafe.  It was a shortened day, as the temp was just at freezing 32ºF all day and I did not leave heat on in the rig while I was gone.  Its suppose to warm up by Tuesday afternoon, so this won’t be an issue later this week. My boys were real happy to see me when I got back.

Also, Rod & Karen brought my mail I had ordered to be sent here. Haven’t had my mail since the end of September.  So I was hoping and hoping a heated mattress pad would be in the packages… alas… it did not make it. Drats!  I will just have to dream about it. So it should have been delivered before my mail was shipped (or so Amazon quoted), so will contact Escapees and try it again – hence I may linger here a wee bit longer than planned.   Lots of goodies, fun stuff to see came in the mail.  Plus some much needed shuttles & bobbins, plus the yarn for a California weaving project I’m doing for Carol, who altered/shrunk my handwoven vest for me. She has some beautiful fabric – can’t wait to see how it will come out.  Yes, I will take pictures of the woven fabric, but she is sewing her own vest. Hoping she will let me publish a picture of the finished vest.  So lots of fun stuff came, not to mention weaving journals, etc.

I’ve got to share something before I close.  I have my Olympian Catalytic Wave 3 heater on.  Its not the first time its been on, so was real surprised when Tucker walks straight up to it and does what? Licks it. Jerks his head back nursing his mouth. He stared at it for a few seconds, then approached it again. He didn’t get a chance to do it again before I yelled at him, but come on – why is he doing that?  Crazy cat!

5 thoughts on “Maumelle COE – Little Rock

  1. I saw something like that at – if I remember correctly – a COE park near Tulsa, OK. I wondered if it was for hanging a deer or something on during hunting season? A lantern? I hope someone knows!


  2. It's strange how a blog can make one concerned about a person one has never met. I am glad you made it to Little Rock safely. Every time I heard a weather report about all the horrible travel conditions through that area of the country, I thought about you.
    I just had a Wave 6 installed in my 23.5 TK. I bought it 8 years ago for a 30' RV, but never even took it out of the box. It can be adjusted from 3,600 to 6,000 BTU. I was afraid that it might not be able to heat up the whole rig, but knowing that yours is a Wave 3, mine comes close to overkill. I am in the process of moving stuff for a six months trip into Ladybug, and as soon as I get some mail I am waiting for, I will finally hit the road for the first time. Hope to meet you on the road some day.
    Take care, stay safe and have a nice Thanksgiving.
    Ilse, still in sunny Sequim, WA


  3. Not sure why Plein Air's post did not make it to this page, but he said the hooked stand is for hanging lanterns. Makes sense once he said it. So Anonymous – perhaps other COE's have it too. And Llse, not strange at all, or at least I don't think its strange. I've done it to others, and I sure have many who follow this blog do it – but most send me private emails We do take care of each other out here.. The Wave 8 is an overkill on 30' LD's, not sure about other 30'. Most use Wave 3. Its a wonderful heat. I use it only at night when I know temps are below freezing. Last night temp was 26º, but it was 55º with the Wave 3 going, when I got up this morning. Do you have a blog Llse? And yes, hope to meet you out on the road sometime. Enjoy your first trip out!


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