As it is…

For my caring friends, I left OKC yesterday morning at first light. The short jaunt to the dumpster was a rude awakening.  The forecast may have mentioned winter warning and high wind warning by 5 pm, but I gotta to say it looked like winter, it felt like winter on that short jaunt to the dumpster. I hightailed it back to my rig, quit making my tea, put breakfast fixings away, unplugged and stored my power cord, and left.   It was pretty breezy when I left with mist, but within 50 miles of OKC, I was out of the wind and just cloudy skies. It was forecasted for thunderstorms the whole path I was taking, but lucky me, I did not hit rain until 20 miles from where I stopped. The combo of rain, road construction and idiot drivers had me say – that’s it!  So I stopped on the eastern edge of Russellville, Arkansas.   I’m at Ivy’s Cove RV park, behind Flying J’s truck stop.

I must face the music… dancing around winter just isn’t the right music for me at this time.  If I really thought this was good, I should have stayed home in Alaska, right?  The desire to see old friends kept the smarts at bay as well.  I was going to go see other friends in Kentucky after Thanksgiving, but they will now be notified, I will see them in the Spring. It is time to move south. So… with a big sigh.. I am heading south right after Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, I have one more week of winter in Little Rock, AR.  Rod tells me they don’t get serious weather until late December… well, it sure looks like a serious week of cold temps & snow & rain is coming in tomorrow. Just for me, I guess. Not!  All is well… laughing here.

4 thoughts on “As it is…

  1. Ah yes.. good ol start of winter in NM. Love that State. Are you joining the Lazy Daze group for Thanksgiving? If you do, say hi to all of them for me. Its a beautiful area where they are gathering. Unfortunately, I think I will find warmer climes before you tho. Safe travels to you. And get warm… 😉


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