Last of OKC for now..

After Sarah got off work, she picked me up to do a tad more sightseeing before dinner.  As we sat at a stoplight, I looked to my right and there was a Russell Stover Outlet store… Did I go to heaven or what?  I had no idea they had an outlet store. Sarah casually asks – “want to check it out?”. Seriously?  So a quick turn in and…  there was way-y too much chocolate to comprehend.  Is that possible?  Nah, I was exaggerating… not!  They have all the holidays chocolates out (Halloween, Valentines, Easter, Christmas, etc), but I looked past the holiday stuff and zero’d in on Bloopers. Bloopers, who could have dreamed bloopers would be such a gold mine of goodies.  If I had known, I would have bought more… I think.  Nonetheless, bloopers are their flunkies – broken pieces, drizzles not right or some other mis-formed candy – stuffed into a little bag for a cheap, cheap price. Oh my…  I grabbed a bag of chocolate crispies which was about 8 Santa boots, and miscellaneous other pieces of crispies. Wow!

Last night, went out to dinner at one of the best pizza joints this side of Italy.  Its called the Hideaway Pizza.  Awesome pizza!  I ordered the Little Kahuna – which was olive oil & garlic base with grilled chicken, smoked bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese.  Delicious!

Learned I need to come back to Oklahoma City.  I didn’t make it to any of the museums – one of which was the Cowboy museum.  I understand the art work in this is pretty spectacular.  And I could have gone to the Federal building memorial too, but seriously – not enough time in a day to see everything.  So I will be back one day.
Now then, if the wind wasn’t howling so bad, I would be trucking down the road right this minute, as it is the rig is rocking constantly parked.  I would have gone if I only read the forecast for today, but the reality of it – the winds are not for RV driving. Period.  Thunderstorms are due in later today too. Its picking out the better of two evils on weather tho. I have to leave tomorrow or I won’t get out of here.  Tomorrow’s forecast is breezy, thunderstorms then the temperature bottoms out. Ice pellets, snow mix, are all in the weather for the next week.  By Friday morning, high temps will be 19º.   This is what I get for hesitating… I could have left over this past weekend, but oh no, I wanted to spend a little more time with my friends. At that time, the weeks forecast looked like storms moving in after I was leaving… wrong.  

2 thoughts on “Last of OKC for now..

  1. Thanks for caring! I left at first light and followed rain until about 20 miles from where I stopped for the night. I made the right decision, but apparently only by a couple of hours.


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