Oklahoma City, Part II

My introduction to Oklahoma City continued.  Sarah gave in great details about the medical side of OKC (Oklahoma City), such as the hospitals, research foundations and the subjects of these facilities, to  the education provided to cover every aspect. Gave interesting details on how they approach any given subject. Such as in Lupus research. Its not unlike many bigger cities medical world, but must admit I was impressed to hear what OKC offered.

And then there’s the technical schools – any and every subject your little old imagination can come up with – they offer it here.  Then Sarah explained that high schoolers have the option of taking 1/2 their classes in a technical school – which furthers one’s prep into the real world outside of school.

Then OKC has taken another step into another arena, training of the Olympic folks – all water sports.  They have or are building water ways for any given water sport. I didn’t get to see the actual training facilities, but wow that they are doing this.

And lastly, this is the capital of Oklahoma.  The capital building was the only one in America that did not have a dome. So they added one. On top of the dome, is the statue of a Chickasaw Indian Warrior. Sorry, no photo of that.  But its a real pretty area with some beautiful old brick homes near.  Speaking of bricks – it seems most homes, businesses, some sidewalks, etc are brick.  They make brick here too.

To follow up with yesterday’s post, on our trip down the canal in Bricktown… as we cruised down a different passage way… the following appeared before our eyes. Minus the lamp post, you would have thought we entered a different era…  these are metal sculptures – 1 1/2 times the size of humans. So amazingly detailed!!!  I suggest if you travel here, to walk vs ride the boat amongst these creations… although I thoroughly enjoyed them from the boat – breathtakingly beautiful sculptures of the highest order (in my humble opinion).


Horses, etc

Coming and going thru the trees… very realistic…

Gets the adrenalin going…

Not easily seen in the image above or below, but they show a man who lost his hat in the wind reaching out to grab it as his horse is galloping along right next to a wagon train.

On left, carrying the flag

distant view of

Different view of a earlier image

Note: Hoof prints, details on hooves too

This is a rear view of a woman riding a horse side saddle without a saddle. She’s in a long skirt, boots, a blouse with a shawl. Holding onto the mane of the horse. The horse is leaving the water.

And one additional note. See the building in background light blue and looks like a grain elevator? Its the worlds largest/tallest climbing wall – inside and outside.  You can see (but not in this picture) the foot and hand holds on the outside of the building. And next to this is an elaborate zip line and rope training thing (for lack of a better word).

Couldn’t resist!

This wraps up yesterday’s introduction to OKC.  It was an awesome day!  Thank you Oklahoma City, and thank you Sarah!

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma City, Part II

  1. Thanks hope to have good one. Donie had to have another heart cath yesterday did well so hope this will take care of things for awhile not real sure but we believe in the Dr. so that's worth something… We are having home health come in starting next week so that releives from a.m. duty. Take care wish you good turkey day…..


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