The fever of it all

No folks, I’m not sick… but what I have been observing these last two days, there’s no better way to describe it.  

I arrived in Oklahoma City at Tinker AFB, have taken some serious down time for myself, have since done laundry ($.50/per wash & $.50/dryer), and visited with my neighbors in this tiny RV park on base.  Many are here for medical stuff or visiting family. Then there are the folks like me. who decided to rest a spell before moving on.

In talking with folks, you can see, almost palpate the fear that is running rampant thru this park right now.  I have questioned a few, but have since decided to sit back and watch.  What is the fear?  Cold temperatures!  Its forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday to be in the mid-to-high 40’s and night time lows of high 20 to low 30’s.  Only two days and then it will rebound back into the 60’s as it is today. Oh and it might snow on Tuesday! Heaven forbid…the world is coming to an end for these folks.

What I have observed so far… Many repeating over and over “what do I do?” “will it work” Then too many trips to someplace to get insulation for water hoses, duct tape and then watch these folks spend way too much time wrapping every inch of their hose.  Mind you, the AF base added heat and insulation to each of the water faucets.  Some of these yahoos went and bought heat lamps for their hoses and insulated panels to wrap around the base of their rigs – only to be told no by the camp host.  You would have thought the camp host was dooming the masses.  It was interesting enough watching all this, so when I asked what they were going to do with their sewer hose – sheer panic was observed.   Laughing here.

After a while… I got a knock on my door…  “Can we help you get ready for the cold?”  Kind of you to offer, I said, but I am not hooked up to city water and my sewer hose is put away.  This prompted all kinds of questions.  One question they asked “Can it be so simple?”  And I said, why not.

And so… my entertainment for the day is done, as I close the windows,  and pull down the shades…

Tomorrow, can’t wait until tomorrow… that’s another posting…

2 thoughts on “The fever of it all

  1. Oh I will… I've had alot of practice this past year. Its unfortunate that the folks here are so frightened of the cold. As many have told me, there are the fair weather folks & I just happened to be surrounded by them. 😉


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