Moving on..

Ok… my time is short here at my friend’s cattle ranch… its been a grand time re-acquainting with Linda, sharing their life, being educated on cattle, etc.  Thank you Linda & Leland.

Old man winter came knocking over night and I almost wish I was heading out today, but I’m not leaving until tomorrow morning.  Right now, I need to take a shower… but geez its cold in here.. the propane took the chill edge off the cold, but the wind just sucks it back out.  So will just have to act on this… soon…well, in a minute. Laughing here.  Its a balmy 41ºF outside this morning and its 8º warmer inside my rig.

I need to move my rig out of the quonset hut, figure out how to position my rig to dump my tanks, get some water into my rig are the main things.  And if I can’t, I won’t worry about it. And then… will spend some time with my friends.

I’m heading for Oklahoma City tomorrow.  I may not be able to spend much time with my long time friend there as we both wanted, but it will be good to have some down time too.

5 thoughts on “Moving on..

  1. Melinda: I'm currently in Livingston TX (SE). Next week will head SW to Del Rio then on to Big Bend NP. It looks like our paths will be diverging. Unless you're going through Houston on your way.


  2. I did Big Ben, Houston and stayed at Livingston last March. I have no plans to head that direction now. I made it to Oklahoma City today, I'm not that far from you! ;-/. But I'm still heading east. I suspect it may be summer in the NW before we have a better opportunity. Safe and fun travels to you!


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