Different life..

Wow!  Its been a fascinating week to say the least.  I’m still here outside of Fredonia. Still learning about cattle, farm economics, life in this existence – all entirely different then anything I have ever done.  Its been an amazing experience.

Then the storms moved in.  Lots of rain came down – instant flooding cause it was so dry here and water could not absorb it so fast.  When watches got posted for Severe Thunderstorms, they moved my home on wheels into a large quonset hut.  It was an unexpected blessing to get this shelter from the storm. The winds howled thru this hut, but I was protected from the brunt of the storm by the combine, tractors, trucks.  I’m still parked in here, as more storms are due in this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I don’t look too big in this building

Tractor, combine, truck blocks the wind

Close encounter, they didn’t know what to think of me

Fall colors on horizon

Young horny bull 😉

The fields are still way too wet to do much, but yesterday they started in on working a batch of cows. So I got to help out with this.  Mid-way thru the process,  Linda got a full face head slam by a cow in the chute… she will be sporting some black eyes for sure… here’s hoping there’s no broken bones.  I didn’t even know it had happened until Leland asked if she was ok.  I knew it would hurt if one got kicked or stepped on by these broncos… but it never occurred to me a head slam could do so much damage. So we finished the cows and headed back to the house…

I got a surprising email from another nursing school classmate I had lost contact with over the years.  She has jumped at this window of opportunity to see me, so will be heading to Oklahoma City sometime this next week or so.  Its a slight backtrack for me, but I would love to see them. I already figured out from Google Earth that I can’t stay at their house or on the street,  so am heading for Tinker AFB FamCamp which has full hookups at $14/day or $90/week.

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