My first afternoon, as I said in the previous post – lots of education going on.

They saw me and moved as far away as they could get

These were staying

These were being sorted.

Yesterday was watching the process of sorting – who would go for sale, who would go to the bull, who would be butchered. Moving them here and there, down the road, opening gates, closing the gates, reopening gates, then moving more down the road. My goodness I had trouble figuring out who was who and who was going where. It might have helped if I could tell the differences beyond color, but these critters don’t even want me around to learn who they are. Then the ones I thought they weren’t keeping went to the vet – now that was a process, when in reality those are the ones they kept.

Vet checking age via teeth

This vet was one busy busy doc yesterday.  The cattle were having fits all days, many said the weather was affecting the cattle. But the vet had the upper hand in getting them into this contraption. I was impressed with his timing. Even before this, the cattle in the chutes were trying to climb out. Herds before use were checked for pregnancy.  All got worm medicine, some got vaccinations. My goodness, and the education continues.  And onward thru the day. Then Linda & I went out in her Kabota to add salt blocks and/or mineral to different areas.  The work continues…

Come night time… I could barely move. New muscles were yelling loudly… dragged myself up to bed and I don’t remember much until the thunderstorms hit.  Boom, boom, rattle shake and pour.  I heard the little bridge I came in across was flooded, the road in front of Leland and Linda’s had alot of water flowing down it, but I wasn’t worried about us, as they are on the top side of the hills. Rain quit by daylight, and it was foggy for awhile, then it heated up to the 70’s and the humidity slammed into me and I was out cold.  I awoke when Leland & Linda got home.  Downright muggy, like a warm summer night in Kansas..  We will have a peaceful night, before the next round of severe storms move thru tomorrow.  We won’t be free and clear until Thursday afternoon.  Am hoping for no hail, no tornados and quieter thunderstorms…

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