Art of…

Of putting one foot before another.
Of getting out of bed when tangled up with bedding and two cats.
Of getting dressed in frigid temperatures.
Of taking a shower in temperatures of 30’s degrees.
Of not splashing water out of sink when doing dishes.
Of living full-time in a RV.
Of taking a shower when one forgets to turn on water heater.
Of eating soup and getting it into the mouth
Of getting things done, when one would like to just enjoy the scenery.
Of leveling with leveling blocks
Of saying good bye to friends recently reacquainted with.
Of repackaging to fit small spaces.
Of dumping grey and/or black tanks
Of not having a black tank accident while dumping black tank.
Of sharing good times with others
Of keeping the shoe laces tied
Of loving my feline boys
Of mystery
Of making circles in tapestry
Of discovery on things you thought you knew, but realized you were clueless
Of trying something out of one’s comfort zone
Of stepping up to the plate
Of accepting me, myself and I.
Of traveling the road less traveled
Of standing firm
Of listening
Of tripping thru the tulips
Of knowing how to say no and sticking to it.
Of loving life
Of learning from my own mistakes
Of learning
Of dealing with curve balls
Of dealing with brick walls and other obstacles
Of understanding its ok
Of not organizing a trip to see what develops
Of enjoying the ride
Of trying something new
Of saying no to self
Of being thankful for the little things in life.
Of blowing the gasket on the water pump
Of tripping
Of painting a realistic image of water in a flower vase
Of line drawing
Of doodles
Of stupid can be quite entertaining
Of who me? with a grin behind it
Of laughing at oneself
Of laughing
Of singing in the shower
Of getting stuck in odd places
Of doing them royally – bad, good, silly or ugly
Of seeing critters or people in clouds, tiles, silhouettes
Of silence
Of letting the wind blow thru my hair
Of giving to others
Of listening to the tune Mother Natures gives us
Of listening to the rain
Of hot chocolate around a roaring fire
Of dancing
Of dancing on a Canadian highway when no one is around
Of stopping on a dime to see a bear, alpine colors in the mountains or to let a moose cross
Of Alaska spirit that holds me close
Of life in Alaska
Of living off the grid
Of outhouses
Of giving to others
Of sharing
Of living

I’m sure I’ve missed many… this list was produced while I was awaiting the hot water to heat up for tea.  Heading out tomorrow, almost ready.

2 thoughts on “Art of…

  1. Oh yea the vanilla and ditto to you for being such a nice couple to be around. That includes Gopher. Enjoy that vanilla. I've managed to give my last bottle away. So I need to make more.


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