Prepping once again

Its been a great two weeks here at Tim and Janie’s farm, but it is almost time to move on. Almost, in that I will leave here Sunday morning.

Today, was cooking, to get dirty dishes washed and put away.  Today, I wanted to make a marinara sauce, but will have to be content with a béchamel sauce to go over tortellini.  Think will look for the ingredients of the marinara at store tomorrow. I use to can this sauce… alas I have none with me.   Also made a fruit salad – then promptly ate it – it looked so good.

I’m heading to the grocery store tomorrow, as well as the RV place.  Food to stock up, as I don’t know where I will be for the next few weeks – but am still heading east.  RV place, to return some metal baskets shelving I had hoped would have fit in my wardrobe, but was too long.  And to spend some money on pre-made Reflectix panels.  The panel for the entry door, fits my skylight perfectly and it worked fabulously last night. The pre-made reflectix for the vents – fits nicely inside my snap on vent covers. Nice added layer of insulation. Thanks to Cookie at Quartzside in January, I have Reflectix cut to fit exactly my mid-bath windows – started using them last night as well.

A childhood friend just responded to my email and her question “what are you doing traveling this late in the season?”  Well, she won’t see me in the summer so what better time then now to go visiting.  Hopefully, will still be able to connect with her before I leave Kansas.  With dawn breaking into the 30’s now… this gal is moving on out of Kansas.  I’m undecided on whether to target the Ozarks – the Fall colors just might be starting there or head on down into Arkansas.  That decision won’t be made until Halloween, when weather has a tendency to get wacky no matter where one is.  I have a former Alaskan friend who now lives in Kentucky that wants me to come – do I hit her before Thanksgiving or after?  You see, I’ve been invited to join friends in Little Rock for Thanksgiving.  Decisions, decisions, decisions. Think I will just sit back and let the road tell me my better options.

So no more post for a few days… I’m hoping to get some photos of the Flint Hills on Sunday and who knows what else. Safe travels to my friends and some re-enforcement of positive thoughts for the family in upstate New York.

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