Lazy days

As we laze away the days here at Tim & Janie’s farm, instant entertainment is not far… Norm has seemingly found the best sunbeam, but what you can’t see – he’s watching intently the two kittens.  I tried to go around to get the kittens in the photo – all three scattered.

Norm grabbing the sun spot
Bunny rabbits in cages

Farm equipment

Neighbor was cutting the last of the soy beans. Its loading into a big truck hidden by the trees. They offered me a ride up on that big thing. I passed on that.  This equipment far exceeds what I use to drive in the fields.  And no folks, I did not grow up on a farm – but I did work the fields when I was a teenager.

My RV in front of one of the barns

I had to take a photo of my rig in this seemingly flat country – no mountains to be found in this area. But the Flint Hills are within reach.  I will try to take some photos of the Flint Hills when I head east on Sunday.  Its really a beautiful area.  Alot of history in them hills! Laughing here.

Retired and Broke Drive sign

Tim & Janie’s home they built

See that big tree on the left.  An Elm or Locust tree is unknown, but what a magnificent specimen for putting a tire swing on it. As it is, on the other side of tree was a big rope.  Memories are written all over that tree.


Did you think I snuck in an erroneous image for your entertainment?  Well… in the middle of the picture is a little frog.  He had to be chilly, as the ground was quite frosty earlier in the day.

KU Jayhawk made from railroad spikes

Recycled art, the imagination, the creative process just blows me away when I see things like this.  Tim doesn’t really advertise what he makes, yet it catches everyone’s eye when they walk past.  Saw this frequently at the barbecue competitions last weekend.  The following images are more of his art. The flowers are made from sickle sections off of a combine, drag spring teeth, log chains and occasional horse shoe.  He has most college teams, but some of the national teams as well and just about anything else you can think of.

John Deere flower

Flowers from recycled parts

He sells them for $45.00.  Shipping would be expensive as they are heavy, but any of these would last a lifetime (in my opinion).  The one picture of the Cowboy Band – is not for sale, but worth showing it to you.

Cowboy band
Thanks Tim & Janie for everything.  Hospitality has been superb!!!!

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