Barbecue, country

Since my last posting when it had snowed, the temps have warmed in days, but 20-30’s at night.  Our days have been busy doing normal stuff that normally keeps my friends busy.  For me, its an enlightening opportunity to see and enjoy their pleasures. Such as their grand kids.  Must say, they are awesome folks to get to know.  Even Emma, the 5 year old, is nothing short of pure joy to be around. So its been a busy fun to be here.

Yesterday, on our way to Parsons, we went to Neodesha.  The town itself is a stark difference from the old days… but out in the country memories flowed.  The picture below is one such place that caught my eye.   Not sure you can see it if you enlarge the photo, but out amongst the outbuildings is a pump.  Gosh years upon years ago, on my Aunt Rett’s farm in Northwest Missouri, us wee kids fought over who would get haul the water and who could pump it.  Funny how one little thing can flood the brain with amazing memories.  I do not know whose home this is, but I love the setting.    We had breakfast next door to this at another home.

Country home nestled into the trees

We headed on to Parsons for the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) Barbecue Competition. Tim & Janie’s son Steve was one of the 25 teams who entered. We, the bystanders, got to sample the categories (chicken, ribs, pork and brisket).  Had live music and other concessionaires in the park. Got to try out a funnel cake – they teased me big time – as I’ve never had a funnel cake.  So lots of laughter amongst these Kansas folks over my not knowing about funnel cakes.  And another one – fried pickles!  Good grief, who would think to fry a dill pickle???  It was a fun day…

And another former high school classmate met us at the barbecue.  It was a delight to see Billie Jo. Wow!  After the barbecue, we went to her house and briefly got reacquainted with her sister Sherrie as well – double wow!  Its really awesome to meet up with these two. An unexpected and fun moment in time.

Afternoon live concert in Parsons, KS

After all that… we headed back to Haven with a side trip to Fredonia.  I had gotten directions to my next hang-out, but didn’t quite know where I would be going – so we went looking.  Found it.  Then had an uneventful trip back to Haven.    I’m laying low today… getting things done.. got my rig open – which really helps to warm it up, but it has not reached the 70’s like it was forecasted. Nonetheless, its a beautiful day near Haven, Kansas.

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