Rumple strip music

White knuckle driving from start to finish was exhausting.  I knew the Kansas winds would exist even if they said calm winds – so just dealt with it.  When I left Clayton, NM on Tuesday morning the wind speed was clocked at 22 mph with gusts to 38.  Figured I would get out of that in short order. Not!  In fact it increased.  The average wind speed was hanging about 35 most of the day – with gusts around 50 – all thru Oklahoma and western Kansas. You add the trucks that sucked me in each time they passed by – I was all over my lane driving down the road and I was the only RV going my direction. Hmmmm… was I going the wrong way?  Rumpled strip music got real boring in short order.  Not a fun travel day, but I decided to push thru to my next stop. If I had to face that a 2nd day, I doubt I would have moved an inch.

So on Tuesday evening, I pulled into a former high school friends home in the country outside of Haven, Kansas.  A most welcome sight and was quickly given full hookups – an unexpected pleasure, then dinner to boot.  Off to bed with nary a blink as I was one tired puppy.   This time zone change is throwing me too.  It was dark before it should have been and it was dark way too late into the morning.  This will take some getting use to.  Its a delight to see Janie after all these years…

Wednesday and Thursday were a whirlwind of activity.  Lots of catching up, meeting the “kids” and the grandkids. Lots of trips to see the town of Haven, then Hutchinson, shopping, etc.  Today, I decided to stay home with my boys and what does it do – SNOW!!!   Just nuts folks.  Tried to take photos, but it (the snow) is not showing well in the photos.  And I haven’t taken any other photos – its just been flat out too busy.  So on my next blog post, I will have some photos to share.

Tomorrow, we are all heading over to Parsons to watch Janie & Tim’s son in a barbecue competition.  Except some good times and good foods.  More later.

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